Error 3003

  • I've been attempting to log in off and on since yesterday with no luck.

    I'm receiving getting an error 3003 message after I attempt to log in that's telling me I cannot connect to the servers and to check the server status and my internet connection. Both seem to be fine.

    Granted I haven't actually played the game in quite a while but I was able to log in about a month ago with no issues.

    I've seemingly exhausted every bit of info I can find on how to fix this, any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hey Dizzy!

    Is this issue still happening? The Error 3003 means something is blocking your connection. It recognizes that there is an active connection, but something is not letting it get to our servers.

    Do you have any security software that could cause this to happen? Try closing background programs and deleting the cache and see if it helps.