beta app SystemCheck_enUS bug

  • beta app SystemCheck_enUS bug - not sure which forum to post issue in
    Full topic title, but too long to type it in the title box

    I was using this to update my system's stats to the Blizzard website. But is has made one rather error. It says I have a Intel HD Graphics 3000 when in reality I have a AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB.

    I know this is not the right place to report such a bug. But I tried to submit a website ticket, and there is no option to select an issue of this type that allows a ticket to be sent. And I don't know of any general forum area for non game related issues and bug reports so I am reporting this here.

    My 2 questions are:

    1. Is here ok to report this kind of error? And if not where do I/can I report this?
    2. Can anything be done about this issue?
  • This is something we're aware of for Machs that have more than one graphics chip/card and on the newer Sandy/Ivy bridge Macs.

    This shouldn't affect your chances of getting into beta.