Serious isssues with Mac and 1.0.7 HelpPlease

  • On issue that randomly occurs to me is the cursor on my game screen is not longer there. I can still click and fight but its a whole of hitting the shift key and trying to aim in one direction. The cursor doesn't come back unless i reboot or sometimes complete a quest (sometimes worked for D but not for Skele king). Happens to me since patch 1 in 5 games.

    Another issue is that in two games since patch my keyboard for some reason will not type. I cant hit any hot keys or potions! Almost died a couple times due to this (HC). I was able to click and run away but the only way to use skill was manually click it on bottom of screen.

    I have had at least 5 or more random crashes after completing a major quest or act. Just poof game shut down. Im not sure if anyone else is having similar issue im sure they are. Is there anything i can do to fix this on my end.

    P.S. have updated all my software and firmware for MAC book pro less then a year and half old.
  • Can you post your system specs so we can look into this?

      1. Launch Diablo III.
      2. Put Diablo III into Windowed Mode if it is not already in Windowed Mode.
      3. From the system menu bar, select Help > Copy Support Information:
      4. Paste the contents of the copied system information here (Command-V)
  • @aleguarita - This is a thread relating to some mouse issues and crashes. You will need to create a new thread for performance issues.

    @Everyone else - Thanks for the information, I'll send this up for review.