[MAC] lag / stuttering gameplay

  • hi blizz, recently i got a laggy gameplay even though i set all my grapics to the lowest
    i'm unable to play as almost every 1-2 seconds i take a walk, the screen freezes for about 1 sec. (the lag didnt occur when i'm just standing still)

    i learned that the lag occurs when:
    1. you discover an unexplored area on the map (explored areas didn't give me the lag)
    2. the game spawns (even a single) enemy nearby
    3. you do an attack, regardless of the enemy around
    4. playing public games

    i have 1mbps connection and always on green latency
    and also set the graphics and screen res to minimum

    early 2011 15" mbp
    osx lion 10.7.5
    2.2ghz i7
    4gb ram
    amd radeon hd 6750m 1gb

    please investigate and repair this issue
  • Thanks for the post, WhiteOctober.

    When did you noticed this first happened? Have you done any troubleshooting to resolve the matter?

    This will help me out in making a few suggestions.