Compatibility Mode Needed for Installation?

  • Does anyone else, as a work-around, still have to use a lower compatibilty mode to install the game? I know you can't install yet, but in order to even get the message "The fire from the sky still falls"/to even see the install button appear, I need to open the .exe as win95.

    Same thing for beta installation.

    I'm using Window 7 Ultimate; is this a known issue? Will it be fixed for launch?

    Am I missing something to just open the .exe normally?
  • Bodach,

    "Running in compatibility modes" was a user-submitted fix and seemed to work in a few cases for beta issues. The devs are warning against using any compatibility modes for the retail client as doing so is probably going to cause other issues, warranting a reinstall of the game client.

    Compatibility modes are NOT needed to run or install Diablo III.

    Support Information Administrator