Unable to play game after starting launcher

  • I am unable to play my game after clicking the play button on the launcher.
    The game automatically crashes and shuts down. All i have is just that "the game quitted unexepctedly" and the error message just closes.

    Please assist to help to resolve the issue.
  • Try some basic troubleshooting and see if this helps.

    Let me know if the steps above do not work. Thanks.
  • Thalderon,

    It looks like this issue is pertaining to a bad manifest file (also know as Diablo III.mfil).

    Can you delete the Diablo III.mfil file from /Applications/Diablo III/ directory? This should resolve the issue.
  • This workaround may work, but may break the game when a new patch is released.

    I've seen this behavior continue due to some ISP DNS issues. Most reports I've seen are from Turkey.

    Are you located in this region? If you are, try using an alternative DNS to see if this resolves the matter.