Did the PreLaunch Download.

  • I did the download to get to the version that says install, and you get the error message. The Fire from the sky still falls. Diablo III has not yet launched. But instead of that I get through and it to the install portion with a User Agreement. And get the error message, "An Unexpected Decryption Error Occured. Please Contact Customer Support." Curious if this will cause a problem for me when May 14th at 8:01 am PST comes around.
  • Sammy,

    If as Shortysun mentioned you moved the Diablo III Setup.exe file and then ran it, this is what it will do. If you're running it from the pre-sale client folder though, it's not complete. Most likely the "Installer Tome 1.MPQE" file is missing or not done yet. You may need to rerun the downloader in that case.

    Support Information Administrator