Will D3 Install Without Service Pack 1?

  • I have Windows 7 that had to be reinstalled due to a corruption in the partition it was in. Since then, I have been able to download all the security,etc updates for Windows 7, but have been unable to actually download the Service Pack 1 update. I have tried a dozen times to do so, with my security program both on and off with no success. It simply gives me an error code that isn't listed in the MS Windows error code directory when it tries to create a restore point after downloading the update. I have tried 3 separate times of day as well.

    My question is this. I was able to download and play the D3 beta without it. Will I be able to actually install and play the full game client without having Service pack 1. I would rather have the service pack, but at this point, I don't know if it will ever install properly on my system.
  • GoldX ,

    You need to get that resolved. I wouldn't trust it for much else if it can't install the Service Pack. Any issues you have are likely going to keep coming back to not being able to install the SP.

    How you resolve it depends on where you got the computer. If it's a store-bought name brand, contact the manufacturer for assistance. If you built it yourself, well, you should know what you need to do then as far as reinstalling goes.

    Support Information Administrator