1.06 - Framerate troubles Persist.

  • TLDR Version at bottom.

    Seriously. This is freaking terrible. How have you guys not fixed the frame rate/rubber banding problems that have plagued this game since 1.05? (excluding 1.0, 1.01, 1.02)

    WILL NO BLUE POST OR CONFIRM WITH US WHETHER OR NOT THIS ISSUE WILL BE FIXED? Here is my old post from 1.05 that got no attention.

    "Every blue post I see on the Mac technical forums pertaining to 1.05 performance seems to be tip toeing around the frame rate issue. That is, the dramatic drop of framerates and increase in rubber banding since 1.05 has been implemented.

    All I want to know is will this be fixed for 1.06? A hotfix would be nice, considering the game worked fine from 1.03-1.04, but seems unlikely at this point. My framerate went from 50-60fps in 1.04 to 20-30 in 1.05, and it drops to 7-12 fps for every single elite pack or white mob. This never happened before.

    I guess I am seeking more clarity than the ambiguous...
    "It is possible for certain machines to experience "stuttering" when all of the game's assets are fully loaded. Our testing has concluded on this issue and Blizzard hopes to have this resolved in a future patch."

    This seems like a huge problem to me. I also know this doesn't need to be iterated any more either but, it really sucks that my $60 SINGLE PLAYER game has essentially been bastardized by this buggy (and obviously not properly tested) patch."

    TLDR: This worked fine from 1.03-1.04. It is now a largely unplayable stuttering laggy mess, which is obviously due to poor programming or poor patch testing.
  • Hey all,

    So, please describe the low frames rates.

    Is this a case when:
      A. Its low FPS as soon as you start the game. B. Normal frame rates but you notice "stutter" when monsters load, spells cast, etc. This causes the FPS meter to drop momentarily, but then go back to normal. C. Low FPS after X amount of time. (please tell us the time it starts to drop)D. The FPS spikes up and down, even when nothing is happening on the screen. E. Other (Please describe exact details.)

    Please keep in mind we're looking at this issue from a 1.0.6 standpoint now.
  • I think the main issue is that we're unable to create the types of low performance that is being reported to investigate the issue.

    If you're having issues with stuttering when first playing or when new stuff appears on the screen for the first time, but slowly goes away, that is something that is being worked on and tweaked with every patch that comes.

    The other reports of low performance is something we cannot reproduce unless a Mac is overheated in such a way like playing on a soft surface to block vents, playing in a warm room, etc.

    We keep trying to gather data to help investigate and reproduce the issue. The only other thing we found that may be cause issues is (Mac specific):

      Waking a computer up from sleep may cause performance issues for all OpenGL applications. This is something that been reported many times and has been escalated to Apple for investigation. Having a software update (10.8.2, 10.7.5, firmware update) may cause issues with the SMC. This requires the SMC to be reset.

    Other than that, there are reports of the SMC resolving issues, but after game play, you may have to reset it again to get optimal game play. This is something that is also being investigated, but have been unable to reproduce yet.

    This is why we keep trying to gather more data, as if we cannot reproduce the issues, there isn't much that can be done to address it. We'll keep trying to gather more information and suggest new troubleshooting steps, but as stated before, this is something we haven't pinpoint other than the mentioned items above.
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  • Can we try running the repair tool that has been added since Thursday and see if it helps in any way?
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  • I don't buy that Blizzard can not reproduce this on their end. Either that or they're using a fully loaded $4,000 12-Core Mac Pro / DEV PC with 32 gigs of RAM and the AMD HD 5870.

    If not, mind clarifying what type of machines you're trying to reproduce on? Most of us are reporting the issues from Macbook Pros and iMacs, tried one of those?

    The stuttering / lag is horrible. It's the WORST when you first load the game and take your first WP. Oh boy, I expect to die every time I take a WP.

    Most Macs that have been in production are the ones tested. Remember this is technical support, so I may not be able to answer much on the development process.
  • B, C, D
    My framerate never goes a full minute without dipping, it can even dip when there is not much at all happening, but the most common occurrence is for elites/white mobs. Can also happen with lots of zombie bears stampeding about :P
    After X amount of time gameplay will generally deteriorate as well, at that point I just give the comp a restart and clear the cache.

    Thanks. I'll keep sending the feedback up.