Pre-oder client stuck at updating setup files

  • I open Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer-downloader and after finished downloading, open the setup files and stuck at about 70% of the updating setup files. I have been following some of the solution thread in bnet forum and done all those thing about deleting the c:\programdata\ folder, set the setup file in compatibility mode with win XP SP3, run as adminstrator, replace the agent.db with the one I downloaded (forgot from where); but still I am still struggling how to fix the issue. Please help! Thanks in advance!

    My OS is win 7 64 bit
  • Groovy.

    If you did what the OP said, I'd have to say delete what you have and start over. Compatibility mode is not needed and can cause other issues and who knows where any modified agent.db files are coming from and what was done to them first?

    Download the installer, run it as an admin, that gets you the downloader, which you also run as an admin. That results in a folder with the client waiting to be unlocked. If you run the Diablo III Setup.exe file in that folder, it should basically tell you the game isn't released yet. If it does anything else, you have a problem.

    Let me know where amongst these steps you're having a problem.

    Support Information Administrator