Workaround: Poor FPS after wake from sleep

  • This is something I just found in hackintosh forum archives that works for my MacFaux and hopefully it works for those on normal Macs :

    If you get the abysmal FPS problem when starting D3 after waking your mac from sleep, quit D3 and change your system resolution to something completely different (I used 800x600), apply it, then change it back to your normal resolution again.

    Fire up D3 - voila! Normal FPS again!

    Hopefully this helps others, I got sick of restarting my computer just to play D3.

    (PS I'm on Mountain Lion now, I was on Lion and had this problem too, even on my MBP)
  • I'll poke the team about this, but this looks like it has been around for quite a bit. This is some as Omegal describe something outside of the game causing this.