ATI Radeon HD 3800

  • When I attempted to start the beta, I received a pop up window saying that the video driver is not compatible with Diablo 3 Beta. I realize the beta is now over, but I had been playing it. There were some video issues, and installing the newest driver available did not help. I was able to play the game though.

    It seems that Blizzard has looked at this card and driver and realized there is a problem.

    Is there any hope that on Blizzards side, this driver/video card will be supported when the game rolls out or perhaps shortly afterword?
  • Darkrune,

    If you're using ATI's Catalyst 12.4 release, you need to revert to an earlier version. 12.4 isn't going to be supported for use in Diablo III.

    Note* This has changed since being posted. Please refer to:
    Support Information Administrator