Failed to Launch "Diablo III Launcher"

  • Is the error that is occurring whenever Diablo III is trying to be run from the desktop. There is no problem when run from the Applications Folder in the Finder, but a copy of that to the desktop also runs with this error.

    This error however is not replicated when run from the Dock.
  • 06/23/2012 09:55 PMPosted by JTroutwine
    @ jdon that exact same problem just occured to me, does anyone know how to fix this?

    How are you opening the game? Is it an icon on the desktop, dock or in the D3 folder?
  • Hey all,

    We're looking into this issue to see what we can find out. We would like some additional information that may help us in addressing this. Can you post your system specs?

    Obtaining and Posting System Information

    1) Click on the Apple Menu while holding down the Option key and select System Profiler (10.6.8) / System Information (10.7 and later).

    2) Copy the information from the following sections and paste them into your post. Please copy in the following order: Hardware Overview, Graphics, and Software. Do not include any serial numbers, hardware UUIDs, or account/login names or information in your post.

  • 05/14/2014 12:54 PMPosted by Alec
    I am trying to launch from the dock. I have the blue Diablo 3 xpac logo as the launch icon. It says "Failed to start Diablo III Launcher.".

    Can you check your Diablo III directory (/Applications/Diablo III) and see if you have Diablo III Launcher?
  • 05/14/2014 04:15 PMPosted by TheTias
    I've attempted to reinstall the BDA with no success to resolving the issue of Diablo 3 being flagged as needing an update on every launch. I've Goblin'd up my logs - where would you like me to send them Machkhan?

    If you can send those to [email protected], Tia, I'll make sure he gets them. :) Also if you want to repost that fix I'd be happy to Sticky so we can get some more visibility on it and test success rates. I definitely don't want to steal the accomplishment and repost it raw.
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  • 05/14/2014 08:13 PMPosted by TheTias
    Oh, and I never have a problem with somebody reposting a fix I found/created if it means getting that info out to players in the quickest manner possible. :D

    I was hoping you were still around before I stole credit. ;D Thanks for the assist!
    Technical Support: Sunday-Thursday, 12pm - 9pm Pacific Time
    How am I doing? // \\
  • Thanks all!

    In the mean time, one of our MVPs, TheTias, posted a workaround here.