Server are up and can't play

  • Do you have the same problem?
  • Hey Dan, what's going on? Provide some details here as to how you're running into the issue, and I'll be happy to work it out with you. Thanks!
  • Okay, for the others here who are also experiencing this - please make sure you have the launcher closed down and then go through and try to delete the BNet tools folder. If that doesn't do the trick, please update me here. Thanks!

    Edited: Now with link!
  • Sweet!! Good to know, Dan :)
  • Apologies Roennev - here's the steps I meant to link. Please let me know if that does the trick.
  • Can I get someone who is looping to let me know which version they see in the lower left hand corner of the log in screen (provided you can get to it)?
  • Okay, is the newest version for US - if the game is trying to connect to US and is still having the loop, let's have you try going into the game folder, and delete the updates folder. Once that is done, run the launcher > after the update is done, press HELP > run the repair.

    Please let me know if those steps didn't get this resolved. Thanks!
  • so if its the newest version for US then why am i getting it as an EU server player ? ive never once logged onto American servers ?
    If its not been done for EU yet why put it out for download if its going to stop EU players from being able to play ? if so how can you downgrade patch untill its actually out for EU ?

    This would be because you have the US game client. If you were to go through options > account > you will see the Global Play selection. A properly patched US client will only be able to log into the US region until EU has concluded with its own patch which happens later today.

    If you wanted to play in EU right now, then you'd have to uninstall the game, and reinstall the EU version through by logging into Omrakos offers more specific details in this thread.

    I'll continue to keep my eyes on the thread if anyone else has any further issues with the looping.
  • So. Any estimated time EU servers will be ready?

    *edit* im also getting the loops and tried everythinng to avail. I am EU player though so idk if its just not rdy? is this normal?

    EU is scheduled for maintenance at 8p PDT this evening. Thanks for your patience everyone. For anyone who is still having any difficulties connecting who has gone through the aforementioned steps, please contact us directly - we offer live web chat in the US through 6p PDT this evening.

  • Thanks for the update JonJon. If there's anyone else who is still affected by the looping issue for whom the steps that were presented here did not help, please contact us so that we can troubleshoot this in more detail for you. We'll continue to have our webchat available through 6p PDT this evening.