how to manually update diablo 3?

  • When i log on, it says that an update is available. It goes to the play button and says my d3 is up to date <.<
  • HI Black, let's try having you deleting the tools folder with the game client closed down. I'll keep my eyes on the thread here - if you continue to have issues with this, please update me here. Thankya!
  • Interesting - okay, let's do this - let me have you grab the trace route and the system diagnostics, then attach those to a ticket. Once you have that submitted, post here the ticket ID# and I'll see what I can do to get this sorted out.

    *The ticket ID# should be listed right next to the title of the ticket once it's submitted. I'll check back in a bit to see your update.

    Thanks Black :)
  • I'm pretty sure I tried to delete the Bnet folder as Araxom mentioned and then after redownloading the folder, same problem still perish.
    I then decided to try login in EU and switch back to US, it's works, if simply switching server doesn't work then you might want to try both guys

    Thanks Tmun!