Selective Beta 5 Footage, 20th Anniversary Special Article, and More Beta Blues

Diablo III's fifth beta patch brought some big changes to the testing period. To highlight just one of them, here's a short clip showing the graphical changes made for the Demon Hunter's - Impale Impale skill:

But Impale wasn't the only element to get a graphical update. Much of the interface--including the login screen, the character selection screen, and more--saw some changes as well:

At the launch of the beta patch, though, there were some things missing. The - Cauldron of Jordan Cauldron of Jordan--use to cash in on loot like you would with an in-town NPC while on the battlefield--was moved out of the beta content and into its more permanent position in the overall Diablo III gameplay period. Vasadan responded:

Official Blizzard Quote:

The Cauldron of Jordan has been moved into a later part of Act 1, meaning it is not in Beta content anymore. I have contacted the Community team to see if we can get the patch notes updated to not cause any more confusion.

The note has since been added to the list of official patch notes. Bashiok later added that:

Official Blizzard Quote:

[f]or reasons of mechanic introduction and pacing, the Cauldron of Jordan is now awarded to the player after the Skeleton King fight, which means it isn't obtainable within the beta content. It is still very much a game feature though, of course.

The - Templar Templar, the only hireable hireling (el oh el) in the beta, also saw a tweak that was not mentioned in the official patch notes. The Templar can now wield any one-handed weapon, as opposed to only being able to carry spears as he had in the past. But the change left something to be desired in the follower's voice-overs:

Official Blizzard Quote:

We changed the Templar so he can now use any one-handed weapon, not just spears. As for that VO that plays, it may technically sound like a bug if he doesn't have a spear, but since the spear is his signature weapon, it may be OK.

Finally, Blizzard posted a timeline of Diablo III UI artist - Mike Nocholson Mike Nocholson's daily grind to celebrate their twentieth anniversary. Highlights include the most lucky kids on planet Earth, interaction with Technical Artist - Chris Haga Chris Haga, an all-too-humble observation of his work life, and an idea of what it's like to work for one of the greatest game developers in history.


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