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First of all, I would like to state that I do thoroughly enjoy this game. I have been playing pretty much every day since launch, and I played almost every day that I was allowed to in Beta.

However, there are a few areas of this game that I feel can be made better. This is not a QQ post, and any unconstructive feedback given is not appreciated.

So without further ado, here goes.
Thank you for this compilation! While I'm unable to really comment on any of the suggested changes (save for one, below...sort of), please know that I've forwarded on this thread to our developers for review. Not only are the initial points of feedback constructive and detailed, but the ongoing discussion which has followed has been equally insightful.

If I can follow up on any of the suggestions at a later time, I will. In the meantime, please keep this discussion going. I'll definitely be reading along. :)

With the changes to repair bills, you might also want to reward players who are actually playing the game.
On this point specifically, we're looking to reduce the durability hit players take from normal wear-and-tear. We agree with players and feel that characters who never die shouldn't be getting hit with a giant repair fee every couple of hours.

Wow, im kinda shocked they blue posted on this thread and not mine.
No need to be shocked. I simply hadn't seen it yet (lots of threads to read this morning), but thank you for sharing a direct link. I'll look it over as soon as possible. :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I thought the exclamation point/question mark power-combo would make it obvious I was joking. Of course you wouldn't be thankful that we didn't nerf all the stats, the extreme degree of obviousness as to the incorrectness of the statement is what makes it so absolutely hilarious. Anyway, sorry you misunderstood my intent.

Here's the entire quote, for reference and cataloging:

We don't want people to be afraid of nerfs, and ... I guess maybe I can try to get that across by saying we could have nerfed a bunch of stats that probably deserve it to some degree, but we didn't (aren't you thankful!?), because we don't believe our design approach should be constantly noodling with really important things, like stats. It should only be when we have an extreme situation developing, and we felt that was the case with IAS.

Basically anything so say or do around here right now will be responded to with pitch forks unless its along the lines of "reverting blah blah blah"
Oh I know, but what's a Fallen Shaman to do? I still love the game, and Blizzard, and want to work to make everyone happy. Gotta take a black eye or two. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Real Life Threats
This is a reminder that we take threats made against other players, against our employees, and of self-harm extremely seriously.

We realize that there can be stressful and trying moments in the game or when interacting with others, but there is no acceptable time to go beyond the boundaries of the game and threaten others with real-life harm.

If someone is found to be making a real-life threat, we will report it to the authorities, which could result in real repercussions. To report threatening in-game chat, use the right-click Report > Real-Life Threat option, or for forum posts, use the thumbs-down button and choose "Real-Life Threats." (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)