Diablo III Gem Crafting Calculator
mbsurfer has made a helpful tool for calculating the cost of crafting high level gems. You are able to select the starting gems, their AH Price (if you're buying from the AH) along with any other crafting materials that might be needed. It then outputs the total price for both crafting and buying the needed gems. Make sure to check out his thread for more information and to leave any feedback.

Gear Evaluation Calculator and More
cheshirecats has created a tool that helps you calculate your EHP and figure out possible upgrades while looking at different stats. Check out his thread to leave any feedback!
  • Which is the best: 7% IAS, 100 DEX, 4% Crit or 30% CDmg? Enter your values to find out.
  • Feel free to click any value to change it. The page updates automatically.
  • Bookmark the page to save your status, which are all stored in the url itself.
  • Hence, sharing your status is as simple as copying the url!
  • Currently the "gear power level" evaluation is calibrated for DHs in Act4 Inferno soloing (which is, pretty tough). If you are using other classes just take it for fun :D
  • Chrome browser recommended for best quality page rendering.

Blizzard Timeline Revealed

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Our anniversary page is now home to a timeline detailing the 20-year history of Blizzard Entertainment. It covers nearly every major event, beginning in 1991 – when Mike Morhaime, Frank Pearce, and Allen Adham started Silicon & Synapse, the company that would become Blizzard – and taking us to the present day.

To help with the reminiscing process, we’ve packed the timeline with nostalgia-inducing images of old offices, “retro” box art, the graphics and haircuts of the 90s, some of our most recent game release events, BlizzCons, and the opening of Blizzard offices around the world. Take a look, but keep your eyes on the timeline page, because we’ll be updating it with more noteworthy occurrences in the future.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the Blizzard community for supporting our games for over two decades – here’s to many more!

Treasure Goblin Live Action Video

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Ever wonder where the Treasure Goblin gets all of his loot? http://youtu.be/6E0qNj05tT4 (Source)