Interview with Alex Mayberry
PuntoGames has posted an interview with Alex Mayberry as he made his way through Argentina. Check the previous three interviews. You can watch the full video below the bullet points of the interview.

DiabloFans Quote:

Most popular character
  • Classes designed so that each character has a different play style.
  • All classes are equally strong but in different ways.
  • Classes will probably be decided on by play style preference.
  • Alex's favorite classes are the Barbarian and the Wizard.
  • Team is taken out to watch new movies for inspiration.
  • Inspiration is taken from all over.
Auction House
  • Wanted to provide a safe environment since it was going to happen outside of the game anyway.
  • Almost everything in the game is random.
  • Dungeons may have 25 rooms but those are pooled from 75-100 rooms.
  • Monster locations and groupings are random with elites randomly added.
20 years later
  • They wanted to move the story forward to get people past the Diablo II events.
  • Makes the demonic invasion fresh for the characters in the game and new to our characters.
  • Makes Deckard Cain's prophecy harder for the characters to believe.
Developing Diablo
  • All staff were huge fans of the franchise.
  • Wanted to retain the core of Diablo but expand with newer technology
  • Some things they tried but took back out because it derailed too far from the original games.
  • Ended with a lot of new changes to get use to but hopefully feels the same as the other Diablo games.
  • Wanted to create a game that new and old players would enjoy.
  • Still not announcing any console title but they do have a console team to help create a game that was made for consoles and not just a port.
Alex's job
  • Alex works with every department and his day-to-day is extremely different but over all, he loves the creativity and perfectionism his job requires to create high quality games.
  • The team does not always agree and those creative tensions create better ideas.
  • The skill system was something that they worked on extensively and one of his greatest efforts.
  • Blizzard is expanding globally so they spent extra time with their localization and top tier translators to help create a game that felt like it was made for them instead of just translated.

Korean Diablo III Commercial
Bashiok tweeted another commerical today. However this time around its a Korean commercial. It also seems to be highlights taken from another video on the Korean Blizzard youtube channel. If you're dying to know what its saying afkalmighty gives a very quick translation of whats going on!

Irvine Launch Question/Problem

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I would be surprised if we're relying on the store's normal stock to fill the potential demand at the event. On the other hand the number of Collector's Editions we printed is finite so maybe it's not out of the realm of possibility. Thanks for bringing it up though, I'll pass this along/look into it.

Ive been to a midnight release of every blizzard game made starting with Diablo 2. Only ONCE have i seen a gaming shop have extra collectors editions.
Well, to be fair, product availability tends to be a little different at our official events. The Fry's we've had most of our official US events at had so many Burning Crusade CE's they still had copies 2+ years after the expansion released.

Quick side query there Bashiok; Why do we not see any Blizzard events in Australia? Namely no Diablo 3 Launch? You have the playerbase here for certain..
We think it'd be keen! But with a regional midnight launch in pacific time it means the down under is about to play in the early evening. Having a midnight launch event didn't make much sense when the servers are up for you at 3-5pm. Open to feedback on that though.

bashiok.. is getting your signature or playing of the game more important?
Signature, as I'm set to be signing until 2am I want as many people as possible to be unable to start playing right at midnight.