Diablo III Starter Edition and Guest Pass
The guest pass will be ready to go the second the game is up, however you will need a guest pass in order to access the starter edition for the first 30 days. The level cap and content will be the same as the beta!

What Class Will You Play
Blizzard has posted a blog showcasing five people on their team talking about which class they plan to be playing once the game is launched. You can check out the full post here.

Jay Wilson on Items

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

can legendaries drop off mobs spawn with random names and completely random affix like rares do?
Legendaries have set names and set affixes, like uniques in D2. Affixes do have random ranges, so you can roll a perfect one.(Source)

so legendary quality items with randon names and completely random affixes do not exist?
Correct. A legendary with random affixes and name would be no different than a rare.(Source)

Well i hope the brady games guide is missing a ton cause it seems very small in terms of amount of lvl60 legendaries
I don't have the guide in front of me, roughly how many legendaries do you see?(Source)

226 Legendary in total, includin all armor and all weapon. Does that number sounds right or off by a huge margin?
Over 200 legendaries sounds right. This is more than D2 had at ship, and not much lower than D2 has after 10 years.(Source)

To Renos' point, there are only 2 Mighty Weapons (1h and 2h) that are level 60 in the game? :(
Again, this does not differ greatly from Diablo II. Also, rares and crafted are end-game competitive. Our goal was to balance, not dominate with legendaries(Source)

Then Bashiok was lying... He said there were a lot more items in the game than in the guide. These have all been seen before.
Do not be so quick to call people liars.(Source)

How about that being much less than D2 lod and Titan quest (without the expansion pack)
How about both the examples you just used were a game + expansion. :)(Source)

Can you confirm there are only 226 legendary items in the final game as the strategy guide suggests?
I have not cross-compared the strat guide with the game. Items were one of the last things, so there could be differences.(Source)

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Choose Your Correct Region
As Global Play will be disabled until after the game launches in all regions, it's important that you choose your account's correct region when attempting to play the game. If you do not select your correct region, your login attempt will be denied, and you will not be able to connect.

To choose your correct region:
  • At the log in screen click on Options
  • Choose the Account tab
  • Select your correct region in the Region drop down
Ensuring your correct region is selected, attempt logging in again, and watch the breaking news window for additional service information.

US is last to launch, yes? So at 3am EST I can go euro server if I want?
You'll be able to when we enable Global Play, which will be some time after The Americas launch. We want to ensure some amount of service stability before we turn it on. We'll post an announcement once it's available.

All regions are launching at the exact same time. So whatever 3am EST is in say whatever they deem the Eurozone will launch at that time, same with Asia.
Each region is launching in their own determined 'midnight' launch time. So for example, the Korea/Taiwan midnight launch is at 8:00 a.m. PDT, and EU is at (I believe) 3:00 p.m. PDT.

bashiok... i love you guys and all, but... isn't the whole global play thing a REALLY bad idea...
everyone is just going to jump over to the NA server as soon as it's live so they can try to play with all their awesome beta tester friends again(and for other obvious reasons)... and the NA server is going to crash...

please tell me that they will limit the numbers of people flooding into the NA servers...
Because you can't use the RMAH outside of your home region, not to mention the potential for more latency, we're not too concerned with a ton of people rushing other regions. If it happens though, and it's causing stability issues, we can limit the number of people we allow on.
For the Americas region, comprising the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia, the game servers will go live at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 15.

Once the game unlocks at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 15 and after you install, launch the game, and before logging in ensure you have The Americas region selected.

If someone has a Korean or Taiwan Battle.net account they'll need to select the Asia region, if someone has an EU Battle.net account, they'll need to select Europe. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

jay i don't understand, why didnt you use the targeting system from diablo 2, where the enemy simply illuminates?
doesn't work in our 3D engine with more realistic lighting. We tried it, and it failed. (Source)

Global Play
"...global play activated after America's go live." As in, hours later or days later? Clarification would be much obliged, sir.
We're aiming for hours after, but it ultimately depends on server stability. (Source)

Graphic Modifications
The games out in a few days. Realllllly need to know if we can use darkd3 without getting banned.
using programs that alter graphics is against TOS and can get you banned. (Source)

RMAH Post Cost
I am having an argument with my friends, Does it cost to post to RMAH (In any way or any situation)(not the 1$ sell fee)
no, it doesn't cost to post items. (Source)

One of the Chosen
if you are not a chosen 1 can u still have 100% acievements in d3 ?
yes, FOS don't give achievement points, so don't count towards getting all achievements. (Source)

Mobil Alerts
Do we need a Mobile Alerts associated with our bnet account for the RMAHs overall use or just for the cash out to paypal option?
Just PayPal. (Source)

The Music of Diablo III
Then Diablo 3 soundtrack has found its way on to youtube. You can find some of the songs in this channel.