March Banwave, Hybrid Iron Maiden Crusader 2.4.1

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March Banwave

A blue post confirmed that a massive banwave recently happened and it affected the seasonal leaderboards. Lots of players reported, on forums and Reddit, that they were banned for the usage of third party software - mostly bots, and not hud software.


Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We're not doing any sort of official announcement, but I can confirm what's obvious as this point: account actions did take place.

One quick reminder: let's all avoid linking out to any cheating programs or communities or calling out individual players.

Iron Maiden Crusader 2.4.1

Rhykker has uploaded a quick video guide about an Invoker + Akkhan hybrid Crusader that has been able to get some high rankings on the PTR ladder. It mixes things up by using 2 pieces of Involer and 5 pieces of Akkhan. Very interesting build that uses Akarat's Champion - check it out!





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