Hotfixes on Live and PTR, Protoss Probe Pet, Zero Empathy GR 63, Blizzcon Reminder

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Join the Party at BlizzCon 2015 November 6 and 7

Hotfixes on Live and PTR

A couple hotfixes were pushed both on the 2.1.2 Live servers, as well as on the 2.2 PTR servers. The live ones are meant to fix Bul-Kathos Wedding Band ring snapshooting some bonuses, and Demon Hunters and Severs being an insane combination. The PTR fixes are just for a few skills that were benefitting twice the same activatable effect.


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Live Hotfixes
The below hotfixes are now live:

  • Fixed an issue where Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band would snapshot certain damage attributes (3/11)
Demon Hunter
  • Fixed an issue where Marked for Death (Grim Reaper) would spread the effect of Sever's on-kill affix (3/11) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


PTR Hotfixes
The below hotfixes are now live:
  • Battle Rage
    • Rune - Bloodshed
      • No longer double dips on powers that activate upon dealing damage (3/11)
Demon Hunter
  • Marked for Death
    • Rune - Grim Reaper
      • No longer double dips on powers that activate upon dealing damage (3/11)
      • Note: An additional bug has been discovered that is causing Grim Reaper to deal only 10% instead of 20% damage. This issue is currently under investigation.
  • Corrupted Ashbringer
    • Fixed an issue where, after numerous transformations, Corrupted Ashbringer could terminate your game (3/11) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Protoss Probe Pet

We recently featured a couple new textures datamined from the PTR servers - one of them being a Starcraft Probe pet. A staff member recorded footage of it, and it looks awesome - check it out below.


Zero Empathy GR 63

We previously mentioned the synergy between Demon Hunters and the legendary Sever, recently hotfixed. It turns out clan Zero Empathy cleared a Greater Rift 63 with said strategy, and grabbed the 4-man worldwide rank #1 at Season 2. One of their members, Empyrian Gaming, uploaded footage of their playthrough and, while the strategy be seen as unworthy, their coordination is amazing to watch. Definitely check it out!


Blizzcon Reminder

Earlier today we got some news on this year's Blizzcon. It is going to take place at the traditional Anaheim Convention Center on November 6th and 7th, and tickets will be sold in two batches - the first on April 16th, and the second on April 18th. Make sure to check their detailed ticket purchasing guide. Click the banner below to see the announcement!





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