[Datamined] Patch 2.0.5. Class Changes and Strings

Update: US servers are Live!

[Datamined] Patch 2.0.5. Class Changes and Strings 

UPDATE: Videos of visually changed spells will be posted tomorrow after the servers come up!

The new Community Events include, but are not limited to:

  • More Legendaries - 1 guaranteed in the first hour!
  • More Goblins - Anniversary buff makes them come in pairs!
  • More Blood Shards
  • More Keystones
  • More Gold Find

More at the strings section below.

Class Changes

Here are the class changes in the files. Remember that this is datamined info and some of the information may have errors! 

DiabloFans Quote:


  • Inspiring Presence  After using a shout you and all allies within 100 (up from 50) yards regenerate 1% of maximum Life per second for 60 seconds
  • Wrath of the Berserker
    • Arreat's Wail : Damage is now specified as Fire
    • Striding Giant : Now reduces all damage taken by 50% (Changed from 80% bonus Dodge Chance)
  • Frenzy
    • Sidearm : Damage is now specified as Cold
  • Seismic Slam : Now deals 620% (up from 550%) weapon damage to enemies up to 45 yards in front of you (No longer specifies "in  a cone", no longer seems to knock up)
    • Shattered Ground : Now increases damage to 735% (up from 710%) weapon damage as Fire and knocks all enemies hit up into the air (No longer changes to a Knockback)
    • Stagger : Now reduces the cost to 22 Fury; Removed from tooltip: "Has 80% chance to Stun for 1 sec";
    • Permafrost : Now deals 755% (up from 710%) weapon damage as Cold and Slows enemies by 60% for 1 second (down from 2 seconds)
  • Whirlwind
    • Hurricane : Damage is now specified as Cold
  • Revenge
  • War Cry Range is now 100 (up from 50) yards

Demon Hunter


Witch Doctor

  • Zombie Handler Now also increases player health
  • Fetish Sycophants Now triggered from hitting enemies (changed from casting physical realm spells); chance to summon a Fetish is now up to 10% (up from 5%)
  • Fierce Loyalty Reworked: You can have 1 additional Zombie Dog summoned at one time. While you have a Zombie Dog, Gargantuan, or Fetish following you and not in combat, your movement speed is increased by 30%.
  • Summon Zombie Dogs Each dog now deals 30% (up from 12%) of your weapon damage
  • Corpse Spiders
  • Hex
    • Toad of Hugeness : Now deals 580% (up from 20%) of your weapon damage per second; damage is now Poison (changed from Physical)
    • Unstable Form : Damage is now Fire (changed from Poison)
  • Horrify Cooldown is now 12 seconds (down from 16 seconds); range is now 18 (up from 12) yards; now also immobilizes; duration is now 3 seconds (down from 4 seconds)
    • Phobia : Reworked: Enemies are no longer Immobilized and will instead run in Fear for 5 seconds.
  • Gargantuan
    • Humongoid : Damage is now Cold (changed from Physical)
    • Wrathful Protector : Now knocks up (changed from knocks back)
    • Bruiser : Damage is now Fire (changed from Physical)
  • Firebats Now costs 150 Mana initially (down from 225)
    • Dire Bats : Now deals 495% (up from 300%) weapon damage
    • Hungry Bats : Now deals 635% (up from 350%) weapon damage
    • Vampire Bats : Reworked: Firebats initial cost increased to 225 mana but no longer has a channeling cost. 
  • Wall of Zombies
  • Piranhas
    • Bogadile : Now deals 1100% (up from 840%) weapon damage; damage is now Physical (changed from Poison)


  • Magic Weapon
  • Meteor
  • Archon
    • Slow TimeArchon abilities deal Cold damage instead of Arcane
    • Pure Power : Archon abilities deal Lightning damage instead of Arcane
    • Combustion : Renamed from Arcane Destruction; Archon abilities deal Fire damage instead of Arcane
  • Teleport Cooldown is now 11 seconds (down from 16 seconds)
    • Calamity : Now deals 175% (down from 252%) weapon damage; stun duration is now 1 second (down from 1.5 seconds)
    • Fracture : Decoy life is now 8 seconds (up from 6 seconds)
    • Safe Passage : Damage reduction is now 25% (down from 27%)
    • Reversal : Recasting window is now 5 seconds (down from 8 seconds); casting Teleport again within 5 seconds will instantly return you to your original location and set the remaining cooldown to 1 second
    • Wormhole : Reworked: After casting Teleport, you have 3 seconds to Teleport 1 additional time


  • Heavenly Strength No longer has a Movement Speed penalty
  • Indestructible Reworked: When you receive fatal damage, you instead become immune to damage, gain 35% increased damage and gain 16515 Life per Kill for 5 seconds. / This effect may occur once every 60 seconds
  • Vigilant Damage reduction is now 20% (up from 5%)
  • Insurmountable Reworked: Blocking an attack generates 6 Wrath
  • Iron Maiden Your Thorns is increased by 50%. (Previously gave a static amount based on character level)
  • Finery Gain 1.5% Strength for every gem socketed into your gear. (Previously gave a static amount based on character level)
  • Holy Cause No longer requires Holy damage on weapon
  • Towering Shield Reworked: Increase the damage of Punish, Shield Bash and Blessed Shield by 20%. / Reduce the cooldown of Shield Glare by 30%
  • Fervor Reworked: While wielding a one-handed weapon, your attack speed is increased by 15% and all cooldowns are reduced by 15%
  • Fanaticism Renamed from Nephalem Majesty; Reworked: Increase the attack speed of Punish, Slash, Smite and Justice by 15%
  • Blessed Shield Now deals 430% (up from 340%) weapon damage; damage now specified as Holy
    • Combust : Now deals 310% (up from 270%) weapon damage; range is now 10 (up from 8) yards
    • Shattering Throw : Now deals 170% (up from 50%) weapon damage; damage now specified as Holy
  • Sweep Attack Now deals 480% (up from 440%) weapon damage
  • Heaven's Fury Now deals 1710% (up from 1260%) weapon damage
  • Phalanx Now deals 490% (up from 380%) weapon damage
    • Bowmen : Now deals 185% (up from 160%) weapon damage
    • Stampede : Now deals 490% (up from 380%) weapon damage
    • Bodyguard : Now deals 560% (up from 285%) weapon damage
  • Bombardment
  • Fist of the Heavens - The pillar of lightning now deals 545% weapon damage (up from 340%); The 6 piercing charged bolts now deal 255% weapon damage (down from 340%)
    • Heaven's Tempest: Now summons a fiery storm (changed from Lightning); Now deals 100% weapon damage (down from 150%); Damage now specified as Fire
    • Fissure: Now deals 410% weapon damage (up from 400%); Lightning between multiple fissures now deals an additional 135% weapon damage with each arc (down from 185%)
    • Divine Well: Now deals 40% weapon damage (down from 80%)
    • Retribution: Now hurls a fist of Holy power (changed from 'a fist of fire and lightning'); Now deals 270% weapon damage (down from 350%); Damage is now Holy (changed from Lightning); Explosion at target now deals 435% weapon damage (up from 150%); Explosion damage is now Holy (changed from Lightning); The 6 piercing charged bolts now deal 185% weapon damage (down from 350%)
  • Blessed Hammer : Now deals 320% (up from 200%) weapon damage
    • Burning Wrath : The scorched ground now deals 330% (up from 150%) weapon damage per second
    • Thunderstruck : The lightning that occasionally arcs between you and the hammer as it spirals through the air now deals 60% (up from 40%) weapon damage
    • Icebound Hammer: If the hammer explodes on impact with an enemy, it now deals 380% (up from 75%) weapon damage
  • Shield Bash
    • Crumble : Damage now specified as Fire
    • Shattered Shield : The shield shatters into other smaller fragments, hitting more enemies for 740% (up from 380%) weapon damage
    • Shield Cross : Additional shields now deal 155% (up from 135%) weapon damage
    • Pound : Now causes Shield Bash to deal 1200% (up from 740%) weapon damage plus 500% shield Block Chance as damage (no longer specified as Holy damage)
    • One on One : The targeted monster is stunned (changed from 'immobilized') for 1.5 (down from 3) seconds.
  • Steed Charge - Duration is now 2 (up from 1.5) seconds.
  • Judgment
    • Resolved : Damage dealt to judged enemies now has an 20% (down from 80%) increased chance to be a Critical Hit.
  • Iron Skin
  • Akarat's Champion - Reworked: Now increases the hero's damage by 35% and the Wrath regeneration by 10 for 20 seconds; Removed from tooltip: "The first time you take fatal damage while Akarat's Champion is active, you will be returned to full health."
    • Fire Starter : Reworked: Dealing damage burns enemies with the power of Akarat, dealing 460% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds
    • Embodiment of Power : Reworked: Now increases the bonus Wrath regeneration from Akarat's Champion to 10
    • Rally : Reworked: Using Akarat's Champion reduces the remaining cooldown of your other abilities by 12 seconds
    • Prophet : Added to the tooltip: "The first time you take fatal damage while Akarat's Champion is active, you will be returned to full health"
    • Hasteful : Gain 15% (down from 30%) increased attack speed (changed from movement speed) while Akarat's Champion is active
  • Falling Sword - Now deals 1700% (up from 1100%) weapon damage
    • Superheated : Now deals 310% (up from 200%) weapon damage
    • Part the Clouds : Now deals 605% (up from 165%) weapon damage
    • Flurry : Now deals 230% (up from 60%) weapon damage as Holy (damage type wasn't previously specified)
  • Punish - Now deals 335% (up from 270%) weapon damage
    • Retaliate : When you block with Hardened Senses active, you now deal 140% (up from 94%) weapon damage as Holy (damage type wasn't previously specified)
    • Roar : When you block with Hardened Senses active, you now explode with fury dealing 75% (up from 45%) weapon damage
  • Slash Now deals 230% (up from 190%) weapon damage
    • Zeal : Grants 1% increased Attack Speed for every enemy hit for 3 seconds. This effect now stacks up to 10 (up from 5) times.
  • Justice Now deals 245% (up from 240%) weapon damage.
    • Sword of Justice : Upon hitting an enemy, the sword grants 5% (up from 3%) increased movement speed for 3 seconds. This effect now stacks up to 3 (down from 5) times.
    • Crack : When the hammer hits an enemy, there is now a 100% (up from 80%) chance it will crack into 2 smaller hammers that fly out and deal 245% (up from 175%) weapon damage as Holy.
    • Hammer of Pursuit : Now deals 335% (up from 300%) weapon damage.
    • Burst : Now deals 60% (up from 30%) weapon damage
  • Laws of Valor Cooldown is now 30 (down from 45) seconds
    • Answered Prayer : Reworked: Active: While the Law is empowered each enemy killed now increases the duration by 1 second, up to a maximum of [Unknown value] seconds of increased time.
  • Laws of Hope Cooldown is now 30 (down from 45) seconds
  • Laws of Justice Cooldown is now 30 (down from 45) seconds
    • Decaying Strength : Active: Damage reduction now lasts for 30 (down from 45) seconds
  • Consecration
    • Shattered Ground : Now deals 155% (up from 95%) weapon damage as Fire per second
  • Smite Range is now 30 (up from 15) yards; Now deals 175% (up from 165%) weapon damage; The chains break off and strike up to 5 (up from 3) additional enemies within 20 yards for 150% (up from 125%) weapon damage
    • Shatter : The holy chains now deal 60% (up from 20%) weapon damage
    • Surge : Now increases the number of additional enemies hit to 5 (changed from an increase of the range of the initial chain to 30 yards)

Datamined Strings, Community Events, GameTags

More than a few interesting Community Events seem to be in the works by Blizzard! Again. Datamined stuff: some of the information may have errors. 


  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_1_desc - Your Experience gain is increased by Experience_Bonus_Percent_Community_Buff * 100%.
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_1 - Community Event Buff
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_2 - Community Event Buff
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_3 - Community Event Buff
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_2_desc - Your chance to find Legendary items is increased by Legendary_Find_Community_Buff * 100%.
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_3_desc - Your Gold Find is increased by Gold_Find_Community_Buff * 100%.
  • x1_Community_Theme_0_Buff_EXP_0 - Faith of the Crusader
  • x1_Community_Theme_0_Buff_EXP_0_desc - Your Experience gain is increased.
  • x1_Community_Buff_GOLD_0 - Midas Touch
  • x1_Community_Buff_GOLD_0_desc - Your Gold Find is increased.
  • x1_Community_Buff_Legendaries_0 - Legend of the Nephalem
  • x1_Community_Buff_Legendaries_0_desc - Your chance to find Legendary items is increased, including a guaranteed drop during your first hour of play.
  • x1_Community_Buff_RiftKeystones_0 - Keys to the Rift
  • x1_Community_Buff_RiftKeystones_0_desc - Extra Keystones awarded.
  • x1_Community_Buff_Rift_0 - Another World
  • x1_Community_Buff_BloodShards_0 - Blood Shard Bonanza
  • x1_Community_Buff_BloodShards_0_desc - You are awarded extra Blood Shards.
  • x1_Community_Buff_HoradricCaches_0 - Cache Prizes
  • x1_Community_Buff_HoradricCaches_0_desc - You are awarded extra Horadric Caches.
  • x1_Community_Buff_Kadala_0 - Crazy Kadala
  • x1_Community_Buff_Kadala_0_desc - The cost of Kadala's goods are reduced.
  • x1_Community_Buff_Clan_0 - Among Friends
  • X1_Crusader_Passive_Indestructible_1 - Indestructible
  • X1_Crusader_Passive_Indestructible_1_desc - Recently became indestructible.
  • X1_Crusader_Passive_Indestructible_2 - Indestructible
  • X1_Crusader_Passive_Indestructible_2_desc - You are indestructible.
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_4 - Community Event Buff
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_5 - Community Event Buff
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_6 - Community Event Buff
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_4_desc - Receive twice as many Rift Keystones.
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_5_desc - Receive twice as many Blood Shards.
  • Community_Event_Buff_EXPMF_6_desc - Treasure Goblins appear in pairs.
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_1 - Happy Anniversary, Diablo III
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_2 - Happy Anniversary, Diablo III
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_3 - Happy Anniversary, Diablo III
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_4 - Happy Anniversary, Diablo III
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_5 - Happy Anniversary, Diablo III
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_6 - Happy Anniversary, Diablo III
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_1_desc - Your Experience gain is increased by Experience_Bonus_Percent_Community_Buff * 100%.
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_2_desc - Your chance to find Legendary items is increased by Legendary_Find_Community_Buff * 100%.
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_3_desc - Your Gold Find is increased by Gold_Find_Community_Buff * 100%.
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_4_desc - Receive twice as many Rift Keystones.
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_5_desc - Receive twice as many Blood Shards.
  • Anniversary_Buff_EXPMF_6_desc - Treasure Goblins appear in pairs.


  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_695_x1 - Gain 10% increased damage while wielding a two-handed weapon (Previously Heavenly Strength no longer reduced Movement Speed)


  • GameTag_Rift - Rift
  • GameTag_Bounties - Bounties
  • GameTag_InfernalMachine - Infernal Machine


  • #1 Vesperox
    I'm liking the changes to the crusader. It will make us feel a little more on par with the other classes.
  • #2 MrH
    Those Crusader changes, hot damn. Someone get me a towel.
  • #3 Gashz
    Guess I'll need to farm few more weeks in order to be an Eletric Archon and all my Arcane gear will become useless? sigh
    Last edited by Gashz: 5/12/2014 10:21:17 PM
  • #4 mannercookie

    tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy blizzzzzard
  • #5 inkcheese
    Blazing Fists is finally fire... :D

    I salvaged my Flying Dragon because bells became weak but now they bumped it up and all is lost. :(
  • #6 Demonhoarde
    Dat Crusader tho
  • #7 Alteiry
    Thanks, Blizzard, for boning my phys build by turning the best HA rune into cold. And you still haven't even touched the arbitrary cooldown on sentry!
  • #8 DvMg
    Oh my god.

    My Crusader is returning from retirement.

    This is a good day.
  • #9 Charmcaster
    Well, if they wanted people to start playing again, seems like they are *mostly* on the right track. Too bad these anniversary buffs will only be for a limited time as it sounds like it would be a lot more fun with some of them always on, like dual Goblins. :(
  • #10 mannercookie
    the game was definitely dying out and this will be a huge boost in returning players back.

    although I must say it's annoying if they continue to do heavy meta/balance changes which in effect causes people to continuously re-gear as the "new content"
    Last edited by mannercookie: 5/12/2014 11:38:57 PM
  • #11 Vembumees1
    I don't understand why it's blizzards philosophy to nerf overpowered things to the ground and skyrocket the underpowered. Like little children at the balance team.
  • #12 mannercookie
    Quote from Vembumees1
    I don't understand why it's blizzards philosophy to nerf overpowered things to the ground and skyrocket the underpowered. Like little children at the balance team.

    less work, big results
  • #13 atla
    Lol Mannercookie, actually exactly the same that i thought.

    This is indeed a HUGE boost to Crusaders and will make some more specs viable for T5 and T6. And with all that community buffs and drop changes it will be ONE glorious weekend :D niiiiice!
  • #14 Palladium1987
    "Lets buff Shattered Shield as if that wasn't good enough for T6 already, while a lightning WW Barb barely does more damage than a Schafer equipped Crusader doing nothing but merely standing next to the enemy"

    Looks like somebody is on drugs.
  • #15 yuhanz
    the Awareness for DH was fun initially though especially when I first tried to kill malthael, (or urzael, mostly bosses who hit very hard but not so frequent)
    but i guess in the long run, 30% of dex as armor is better. right now my dex is at almost 9000 so that's 2700 armor, not bad but it's just not for my build :D
  • #16 Quag
    Aww they nerfed my judgement crit chance down to 20%.. DAMN YOU I LOVED MY 80%!!!
  • #17 Serthys
    Is it just me or Rally just became "not so good"? Wonder if they fixed hf
  • #18 phatosen
    Really looking forward to the variety in community events/buffs. Less Blood Shard cost, extra Caches, Double Goblins, Increased chance to find legendaries?! A lot more interesting that merely an exp bonus. Also looking very much forward to finally finding RoRG in 2.0.5 :-P
  • #19 karjixuz
    Seems Archon wizz gets a big kick in the N*TS so im happy to be playing WD now instead.
  • #20 UggsY
    So my whole build and playstyle is built around Hungering Arrow:Devouring Arrow and + physical damage since the first day of RoS release and in ONE patch Blizzard is going to completely ruin hundreds of hours of farming ?

    It's just disgusting...
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