Shard Of Hate Is Over Performing Due to a Bug; A Hotfix Is On The Way

Shard Of Hate Is Over Performing Due to a Bug; A Hotfix Is On The Way

Turns out it was over performing due to a bug.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

  • Shard of Hate
    • Fixed an issue where the internal cooldown for this item's Legendary affix was being reset when dual-wielding.*
    • Fixed an issue where this item's Legendary affix did not account for a skill's proc scalar, causing it to proc on every skill use.*
As with other recent hotfixes, we’ve got one coming up shortly that we wanted to give the community a heads up about, this time regarding the legendary Shard of Hate. We’ve been closely observing our internal reports as well as player feedback on the Shard of Hate and the general consensus is that this item feels wildly out of line compared to other items. After digging in behind the scenes, we discovered a couple of bugs with this item that we believe is the ultimate culprit.

First, the internal cooldown of this item’s power was being reset each time a dual-wielding character attacked with a weapon in their other hand. This meant the effect was occurring twice as often for dual-wielding characters, and with particular skills such as Whirlwind or Tempest Rush that also carry attack speed multipliers, this effect was even more frequent.

Secondly, the proc rate of the item was ignoring the proc scalar of the skill it was used with, which in simple terms caused Shard of Hate’s affix to apply every time a skill was used. Combined with the above issue, this resulted in this Legendary vastly over performing, and even more so with particular builds.

The hotfixes we’re applying correct both of these unintended behaviors. As with all major changes, we hope to provide insight as to why we felt these changes were necessary as well as give context to the decisions we ultimately make.


  • #1 Arzanot
    Just got this item today, and must say its the most fun i've had in this game for years.

    It's definately super OP, smashing rifts in 5 mins on T4, only using whirlwind. Sad to see it fixed so soon :)

    Any idea when this hotfix will take place?
    Last edited by Arzanot: 4/15/2014 7:02:21 PM
  • #2 Draugnim
    Sounds good to me! /spiteful Demon Hunter
  • #3 Icki
    RIP in cappucino WW barbs.
  • #4 Nargyle
    Quote from Icki

    RIP in cappucino WW barbs.

    Not really, I'm rocking a Lightning WW Barb WITHOUT Lightning weapons, because they just don't want to drop for me and still Pwning. Too bad I'll never get to use the OP Shard, but oh well. Hope it doesn't become useless after this nerf.
  • #5 BloodOmenEU
    It'll prob still be used, some barbs may favor TF/OS combo though if the proc fix makes SOH much worse :p TF/OS combo is nice if you get good rolls.
  • #6 jsp261985
    SoH won't be useless ppl after this patch so stop qqqing because they are fixing a bug thats the point of them doing this and ww light barb not dead SoH will still be ur BiS 1 hand for light ww barbs
    Last edited by jsp261985: 4/15/2014 8:10:47 PM
  • #7 TheRabidDeer
    Quote from jsp261985

    SoH won't be useless ppl after this patch so stop qqqing because they are fixing a bug thats the point of them doing this and ww light barb not dead SoH will still be ur BiS 1 hand for light ww barbs

    What about orb wizards? It is arguable that if you have shard then magic missile with glacial spike becomes better to use than frozen orb since the proc coeff of orb is only 6.7% compared to the 93.1% of glacial. You will basically not see it proc when using orb.
  • #8 shocknova
    any idea when the hotfix goes live?
  • #9 Barb001
    I have no idea why they Hate Bard if youre going to take a look at some of the items for WD that has unlimited Fear, DH the CrossBow that has Unlimited use of elemental arrow skill , Wiz Perma Achon and the mirror Ball , Crusader that can crit a lot of dmg and they Said they want to make the Leg too powerful because the old d3 seems the leg is not usefull at all. and they Saying its a bugged come on.. people already using SOH way way back and you guys wont even notice it?
  • #10 Venaliter
    Quote from shocknova

    any idea when the hotfix goes live?

    Generally go live at 1 am EST.
  • #11 rawerpower
    So procing on every skill was a bug ?! Why don't they tell us what is the intended cooldown now ?
  • #12 ffilps
    sweet tears. it was time they fixed this broken item, stop crying.
  • #13 Sonnyxyzz
    Is it live now in EU or still not?
  • #14 Barb001
    I dont now what the staff doing but if im working with blizzard im going to make an OP items but has a consequence like OP items but if you die the sword will be gone so you need to hunt that item again or has OP but no experience gain something like that...rather than making one then changing it overtime doenst make sense they supposed to test it before they make it cause its unfair for the people that just got the sword and then they going to change it what about the other player that has that sword before. Just saying
  • #15 igniteice
    Barb001, no one can understand what you're rambling about, because you seem to not understand things like sentence structure and punctuation.
  • #16 Real_Krageth
    Thank you Blizzard i just salvaged my odyns son with socket,well as a monk back to T1,fix the problem with WW and TR i dont use any of those skills feels like the problem with DK in WOW get nerfed every time and made ppl so mad they stop playing
  • #17 Grievuuz
    ''So soon''

    SoH has been overpowered for months. Lol.
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