[Updated] Patch 2.0.2 Now Live

[Updated] Patch 2.0.2 Now Live

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


  • Experience requirements for Paragon 500 and above have been increased
  • Disabled sound notifications for Clan and Community chat
  • Bug Fixes
    • Gold can once again be purchased and sold on the Real Money Auction House
    • Items with the highest rank of "Critical Hits grant Arcane Power" affix no longer require level 61
    • Level 60 Crafted Amulets now properly require Fiery Brimstone to craft
    • Sokahr the Keywarden now reflects a more reasonable amount of damage with his whirlwind attack
    • The portal leading from the second Hell Rift to the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier now functions properly
    • The experience bar has been removed from the Followers UI
    • The Siegebreaker Assault Beast no longer performs other actions during his grab attack animation



  • Followers and Heroes play their "Level Up" voice over upon receiving experience.*
  • Resolving a crash that can occur if too many projectiles are caught in a Missile Dampening affix*
  • Reducing the frequency of certain monster Meteor spells*


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from selling items that were equipped on their character prior to the 2.0.1 update.*
  • Reduced the amount of experience granted by rescuing Caldeum Refugees.*
  • Reduced the amount of experience granted by subsequent completions of the quest associated with killing Mira Eamon.*
  • The game should once again automatically log you out after extended idling.*
  • Reduced the frequency of chest spawns in areas that were previously a little too generous.*


  • #1 Kodaijin

    They are doing additional maintenance.

    Edit: The Launcher says they "... anticipate service to be available by 2:00 p.m PT."
    Edit 2: Update days 3:00 pm now.
    Last edited by Kodaijin: 3/4/2014 2:47:40 PM
  • #2 Aranoch
    I don't know if all quests have been nerfed but Shattered Crown (Killing Mira) has had the XP award reduced.
  • #3 Seifa
    Disabled sound notifications for Clan and Community chat

    Thanks god....
  • #4 z3rodown
    Mira runs fixed as well. Couldn't gather much else from the patch that wasn't listed. A bug appeared with each time you gained experience, your character spoke like he/she was leveling up, including followers. The servers were up but taken down shortly after I assume to fix this bug or anything else that appeared.
  • #5 Bodycount1
    Quote from Seifa

    Disabled sound notifications for Clan and Community chat

    Thanks god....

    YES! This was driving me crazy. Was about to leave my guild because of it.
  • #6 Mehsiah
    So they fixed Mira/Snakes....

    Adria's hut quest still gives around 30mil exp per run T6. (Helpful for leveling people up.)
  • #7 lMarcusl
    "The game should once again automatically log you out after extended idling."

    Faaaack. I was so hoping autodisconnects were gone forever. I guess with the removal of NV it's not such an issue but still, having to leave halfway through exploring Desolate Sands and seeing your progress wiped when you come back hurts my soul. Not that there's much left of it after listening to D3's dialogue :-D
  • #8 Adelagaus
    So guaranteed SK drop is still working for now?
  • #9 z3rodown
    I'm pretty sure it has been moved to Diablo now. There was a blue post on it.
  • #10 Adelagaus
    I'm cool with that. As long as I still get something for toons I sold all the gear on xP
    Last edited by Adelagaus: 3/4/2014 4:14:18 PM
  • #11 lokithor
    Quote from z3rodown

    I'm pretty sure it has been moved to Diablo now. There was a blue post on it.

    that blue post said it didn't make it into this patch.

  • #12 Battle Yoshi
    they are going to just keep nerfing xp until everyone stops complaining about it being "too cheap". I'll be dead honest, i'm sick of questing and/or just killing shit to get levels. I have 3 lv 60s and am just trying to get a WD and Barb there quickly now while there is an XP buff. What is wrong with those of us that have been playing before this New patch, whom have the 60s, that just want to play something else >.>
    Last edited by Battle Yoshi: 3/4/2014 5:28:05 PM
  • #13 jubilantjude
    Wait wait wait!!! The gold money auction house is back up?? I thought they removed the real money auction house completely I am totally lost!!
  • #14 yogglol
    So... 2h weapons still have 1000-1300 dmg?? -.-
  • #15 Talyn_Rahl
    YAY I can finally craft the amulet for chars, not to mention use the MASSIVE stockpile of Brimstones I have :p
  • #16 Luiquao
    Are the servers up? I can see that some people on twitch are streaming from the US servers but I get this error code 73 message.
  • #17 BatuKMan
    Is there a forecast for when the AH crash in the MAC will be fixed?

    What will happen to items in the AH when the 25th March comes? Back to the stack or deleted?

    So far I'm unable to retrieve them and losing the opportunity to sell them... not a happy camper.
  • #18 darkbear88

    lol they really want us to stop play the same thing.. for exp ofc

  • #19 Emsarrev
    DId they implement the guaranteed legendary from diablo after a reset in this patch, or is it still on Skeleton King?
  • #20 Battle Yoshi
    for those of you that haven't been here since day 1, you had to "re quest" on your character 4 different times. Once through normal, etc, etc. til you got to "inferno" or what is considered now torment. I hated having to redo all those quests for each character i made. it got boring after a while that i had to quest the same quest a total of 4 times. >.> so when they posted "reset quest" will grant you more xp....i facepalmed....it's original D3 again...just with better loot looks like i'll wait to level my other toons in RoS doing bounty runs. (yes i know i'm not happy at all about the xp nerfs but i've been here since day one when the game was horrible and questing was the only way to level. You try repeating the same thing over and over....after awhile change is better) (sorry if i offend anyone with my ranting.)
    Last edited by Battle Yoshi: 3/5/2014 10:11:18 AM
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