Reaper of Souls Highlights: Difficulties, Paragon 2.0, Blue Posts

Reaper of Souls Highlights: Difficulties, Paragon 2.0
In today's highlights we're going to give a bit of insight into how the difficulties and Paragon system have changed. Tomorrow you'll see the brand new addition of Clans and Communities as well as all the changed skills and runes and how they've changed.

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The difficulties in Reaper of Souls have been entirely revamped. There is no more Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno or even Monster Power. They're now incorporated into a new system which you can switch before starting the game. The new difficulties offer some very nice rewards, but are also currently very hard.

  • Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno are gone. You don't unlock the difficulties consecutively and instead just choose them from a menu before starting the game, much like in any other game out there
  • You don't need to complete the campaign to unlock a difficulty. They are unlocked by character levels. For example Torment requires level 70
  • If the difficulty is too hard you can decrease it directly from the game, without exiting. To increase it you'll have to leave the game
  • Monster Power has been removed from the game and is incorporated into the new difficulties. Density right now is in a pre-1.0.8. state. It'll likely be balanced later into the Beta
  • There is no direct conversion of Monster Power to the new difficulties
  • New difficulties are Normal, Hard, Expert, Master and Torment, where Torment goes up to level VI (6) with a slider
  • Rewards for running on each difficulty:
    • Normal - No rewards
    • Hard - 75% Extra gold/xp
    • Expert - 100% Extra gold/xp, Bounties award double currency
    • Master - 200% Extra gold/xp, Bounties award double currency, New legendary recipes can drop
    • Torment - 300% Extra gold/xp, Bounties award double currency, New legendary recipes can drop, New legendary items can drop, 250% bonus legendary drop rate
    • Torment I-VI - Additional gold/xp/legendary drop rate per slider tick

Paragon 2.0
Paragon 2.0 is one of the changes that will come before Reaper of Souls, in the pre-expansion patch. The old Paragon bonuses have been removed and new, customizable ones, have been added. You are now given a nice amount of choices of how to build your character as you increase in Paragon levels.

  • Current Paragon bonuses are removed. That means the stats and the Magic Find/Gold Find bonus
  • The experience of all your characters' current Paragon levels will be unified and recalculated into the new Paragon system. To see what Paragon level you will be in Reaper of Souls we've created this handy chart
  • Each new Paragon level reached gives 1 Paragon point to all your characters of that mode (Normal/Hardcore)
  • There are 4 tabs where you can spend your Paragon points - Core, Offensive, Defensive, Utility. Each with 4 stats to choose and increase
  • Currently as you gain a new Paragon level a stat is given to one of the tabs in a rotating manner. First you get a point for Core, then Offensive, then Defensive, then Utility, rinse repeat
  • As it stands right now Offensive, Defensive and Utility have a cap of 50 points into each stat. That means that at level 800 you will have all 3 tabs maxed out. Core on the other hand has no limit and will receive a new point for every level above 800
  • If you create a new level 1 character you can distribute all the Paragon points on him straight away
Tabs and Stats
  • Core
    • Strength (5 per point)
    • Dexterity (5 per point)
    • Intelligence (5 per point)
    • Vitality (5 per point)
  • Offensive
    • Attack Speed (0.20% per point)
    • Critical Hit Chance (0.20% per point)
    • Critical Hit Damage (1.00% per point)
    • Cooldown Reduction (0.20% per point)
  • Defensive
    • Life (0.50% per point)
    • Armor (0.50% per point)
    • Dodge (0.20 per point)
    • Resist All (5 per point)
  • Utility
    • Maximums Resource (0.50 per point)
    • Magic Find (2.00% per point)
    • Movement Speed (0.50% per point)
    • Gold Pickup Radius (0.5 per point)

The Future of Old Crafting Materials
Players are concerned that their hard work in Diablo 3 so far has been for nothing due to old crafting materials not being used in Reaper of Souls recipes. This caused Veneras to post a huge explanation of how plans for the future of old materials look at the moment.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I hope for a blue to answer this. From the streams it seems only brimstone is used of those mats we have now. My question is if we can upgrade 10 to 1 our current materials into ROS materials? Otherwise there is absolutely no reason to play anymore. You can farm exp, but it doesnt seem to yield many paragon levels account wide unless you farm several para100s. And if gold, current items AND mats dont matter in ROS, why play (other than to kill time)?
That is actually a hard question to answer at this moment in time OioxFûl, because crafting in Reaper of Souls is still under development and as such is subject to change.

One of the big goals with Loot 2.0 is to make items more exiting and feel more rewarding, and we would also very much like to reduce the "meh" factor as much as we can. So what we are aiming for is to make item upgrades, whether they come from monsters or crafting, feel like they are earned though rewarding gameplay.

In that regards, we have some concerns about what might happen if people could hoard vanilla materials now for later conversion into RoS materials—If people could do such a conversion from old to new materials, then we think there would be a very real risk that people would near instantly craft their way to potential BiS gear shortly after the expansion is out, and thus if you could craft your way to the top right from the get go, then that would bypass or severely diminish the sense of progression and reward you would otherwise get from hunting for gear upgrades and crafting mats.

When Reaper of Soul goes live, the current plan is to convert your existing original crafting materials into what is currently the Inferno crafting tier, which will let people continue to craft all the items that they have access to now. Then once people start seeing new item tiers past level 61, those items will then be salvageable into new crafting materials that can be used to craft level 61 to 70 items.

Again, things may change, so this plan should not be considered as set in stone.


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