Party with Blink-182 at BlizzCon

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Party with Blink-182 at BlizzCon

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Do you want to come to a party? Southern California punk rock legends Blink-182 will be playing in front of a sold-out BlizzCon® crowd on November 9, and you’re invited! If you’ve already scored tickets to BlizzCon 2013, then we’ll see you there! If you’re not on the guest list, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

To enjoy the show from the comfort of your home, check out the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, and you’ll have a front-row seat to all the festivities, from exclusive developer panels to our famous costume contest, and what is sure to be an epic concert from Blink-182 to close out the show.
So what are you waiting for? Order the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket BlizzCon Virtual Ticket to catch the action online, or check out thepress release for more details. We’ll see you at the rock show!


  • #1 Eldius
    Not a fan, but it could have been worse.
  • #2 TateM
    Jay Wilson jumping up and down: "WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN!!!"

    I think that's funny.
  • #3 Enty
    Lmao yes!!! This is great now I get to watch blizzcon and my favorite childhood band.. Lets just hope they straight up replay the marl,Tom, and Travis show because that would be awesome
  • #4 Geske1221
    best cd evar ^
  • #5 Maka
    "Legends" is a bit strong. :P
    Good for the people that are into them, though.
  • #6 miles_dryden
    They'll never top Tenacious D.
  • #7 zerObit
    Man! Blink closing Blizzcon, I fucking love it! (Fuck Tenacious D, insanely overrated! Jack Black is an unbearable cunt imo :P) cant wait even more for Blizzcon now, gonna be uberepic. Jelly of those that get to go there in person.
  • #8 Sabvre
    Quote from miles_dryden

    They'll never top Tenacious D.

    Jack Black makes me want to saw my own ears off
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