Blizzcon in a Box Contest is Over, Inside the BlizzCon Goody Bag, El'Druin and Class Alignments, Design By Humans T-Shirt Design

Blizzcon in a Box Contest is Over
Our "Blizzcon in a Box" contest has come to an end! The lucky winners have been notified with a PM. Congratulations to them! Be aware that if you are one of the winners you have 24 hours to answer our PM before we chose another participant.

Inside the BlizzCon 2013 Goody Bag
The gifts inside the BlizzCon 2013 Goody Bag have been revealed!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

With BlizzCon just around the corner, it’s time to share the adorably lethal secret that waits inside this year’s Goody Bag. . . .

As a memento for joining us at the heart of the storm, BlizzCon attendees will receive a BlizzCon 2013 Cute But Deadly Souvenir Set featuring the delightfully menacing likenesses of Arthas, Kerrigan, and Diablo. The result of a universe-crossing collaboration, this trio kicks off an exciting new line of figures—and there are even more cute but deadly surprises to come. This limited-edition set is an exclusive gift for BlizzCon attendees, and will never be reproduced for commercial sale. Now isn’t that special?!

Check out the Cute But Deadly lineup below:

Nevalistis on El'Druin and Class Alignments
Nevalistis has been kind enough to share thoughts on El'Druin and opinions on what the classes' alignments are. Quite a nice read!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Why can Tyreal still wield El'Druin if he is no longer an angel?
Tyrael's mortality has no bearing on his ability to wield El'druin. After all, it's his sword. =) This is also not the first time a mortal being has wielded El'druin. Jacob Staalek once used the sword to great effect protecting his home. This event was covered in the comic books and referenced in the Book of Tyrael.

I still can't fathom why Malthael wouldn't try to simply kill Tyrael on the spot, though...
Malthael is extremely in tune with souls.When he inspected Tyrael's soul, he found no evidence of demonic taint. Ergo, he did not consider Tyrael his enemy. It really is that simple, as Death tends to see things in black and white.

I'm wondering why El'druin brought back his power though, unless it's as simple as just him forgetting who he is so he has a hidden power and El'druin helps him remember, releasing the power.
El'druin is a unique item in that it isn't simply an angelic weapon, but a part of Tyrael. In order for Tyrael to be whole again after he cast himself from the High Heavens, El'druin needed to be restored. It's inexorably tied to his being, regardless of what state Tyrael is in. Hypothetically speaking, if Tyrael were to somehow become an actual human, El'druin would remain equally integral to his being. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I took a crack at this in another thread. Here's what I originally suggested (keeping note that this is a personal opinion):

Monk: Lawful Good
Barbarian, Demon Hunter: Chaotic Neutral
Wizard, Witch Doctor: True Neutral
Crusader (for bonus points!): Neutral Good

Mind you, I think these choices might vary depending on the gender of each character you play. They all react a bit differently to certain conversations and events. For reference, my Nephalem are Female for the Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor, and Barbarian, and Male for the Wizard. In addition, remember that alignment is an extremely subjective mechanic, primarily because it can be interpreted very differently from person to person. Some consider it rules that you must absolutely adhere to, while others may see it more as a generalization.

It's a system that I don't think lends itself too well to the Diablo universe. I wouldn't say there's a one "true" answer to this question, but it's definitely interesting to hear others' thoughts on why they think a character adheres to a particular alignment. As an avid tabletop nerd, I'd love to hear your reasoning. =)

I have no idea what chaotic good or neutral good is... Is it supposed to make sense?
So, what I'm referring to is a two-axis alignment system, commonly found in table-top pen and paper RPGs (or their video game counterparts).

The first axis measures a character's capacity for Law or Chaos. The three denominations are Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic. Lawful characters are generally predictable and adhere to a code of some kind, either literally (like a town's laws or a code of chivalry), or personally. Chaotic characters are generally unpredictable, and tend to take the path of least resistance for just about every situation.

The second axis measures a character's capacity for Good or Evil. That's pretty straightforward, but it also has three denominations: Good, Neutral, or Evil. So in all, there are nine alignments.

That's a very rudimentary explanation (there's certainly much more depth to be explored), but I hope it gets the basic point across. =)

Personally I would have guessed Chaotic Good for the Crusader as they are pretty zealous.
Crusaders are extremely devoted to their cause, and their methods are occasionally a bit more unconventional than others. However, that isn't to say they are vehemently against what they are told to do - their entire quest occurred because they were issued an order, and they stick to that order no matter the cost. That's what leads me to believe they fall in between law and chaos, rather than one side of the spectrum.

Again, that's a personal interpretation. But that's the inherent nature of the alignment system, it's all a matter of interpretation, as the alignments are "guidelines" rather than rules to adhere to (kind of like the Pirate Code).

I thought it'd be really funny to take this a step further with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality system, but after some research I decided that would just be way too freakin hard.
It would be difficult, but definitely interesting! These kind of psychological studies have always been intriguing to me. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Design By Humans T-Shirt Design Contest Winners
The Design By Human T-Shirt contest is also over and the 5 winners have been chosen. Check out their marvelous creations below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Over the last two months, artists from around the globe have put pen to parchment to create over 300 t-shirt designs worthy of the heroes of Sanctuary.

Today, the winners of Blizzard Entertainment and Design By Humans' Diablo III t-shirt contest have been announced! And best yet? You can get in on the action by purchasing a t-shirt or phone case emblazoned with art from one of the top 26 winning entriesas well!

Check out the five Grand Prize winners below.

5th Place - "Lord of Hatred" by Dr.Spazmo - Full Image Here

4th Place - "Majestic Spell" by Studio8Worx - Full Image Here

3rd Place - "The Great Conflict" by Gloopz - Full Image Here

2nd Place - "Ruthless" by silentOp - Full Image Here

1st Place - "Mephisto - Lord of Hatred" by TamplierPainter - Full Image Here

Head over to Design by Humans' blog for all the details and make sure to check out all the incredible contest submissions!


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