Blizzcon in a Box Contest

Blizzcon in a Box Contest

Not able to grab a Blizzcon ticket before they all sold out? Fear not we have the perfect solution here for you today, "Blizzcon in a Box"! Blizzard has stuffed these boxes with everything any group of friends would need to host their own Blizzcon viewing party while watching Blizzcon using the Virtual Ticket. We have multiple ways for you to enter - so keep reading for rules, as well as what the box holds!

How to Enter and Rules
  • To enter - Design a Blizzcon Viewing Party Game. Describe the game, the objective and the rules. Make sure to give it a name!
  • Winners will be selected at random on Friday, October 25th at midnight EST
  • Winners will be contacted via PM here and will need to respond with their shipping info within 24 hours. Blizzard has given a deadline for handing in all winner's information
  • Due to Shipping times, This contest has to be restricted to only people in North America
  • We reserve the right to disqualify anyone who did something super lazy just to enter the contest
  • You may only enter once per site. More than one entry on this site will disqualify you.
  • You may only win one prize, regardless if you enter on each site.

What's in the Box
  • A bunch of thundersticks for cheering and annoying neighbors
  • Stickers!
  • About a dozen koozies for… soda. Yeah.
  • A bunch of buttons
  • Temporary tattoos
  • A set of Blizzard paper toys (Diablo, Raynor, Thrall)
  • A few of the Epic Purple Lanyards
  • About a dozen dice bags because nerds
  • 1 instruction sheet (“How to Set Up Your BlizzCon Livestream Party”)
  • And of course a Virtual Ticket code!

Other Ways to Enter

You may also enter once in each of the following contests if you so wish. Make sure to read each contests rules on their contest page.
  • Hearthpwn - Draw the Blizzcon hearthstone card in mspaint
  • MMO-Champion - Take a group picture of your viewing party in-game


  • #1 Renley
    Blizzcon In A Bottle

    Objective: Get drunk and have fun!
    -Take 1 shot when someone says "For The Horde/Alliance"
    -Take 2 shots when someone says "Soon"
    -Take 2 shots if during the voice contest someone says "Zug zug," "Loktar ogar," or "MRGRLRLLRLRLR"
    -Finish your drink if someone dresses up as an elf during costume contest
  • #2 Satisdiction
    Blizzcon Bingo!

    Objective: We all know how to play Bingo, right? 5 by 5 square, very center square you get automatically. Tiles are randomly filled with Blizzcon/WoW related events. Once you've encountered one of the circumstances, you place a marker. First person to have a full row wins.
    Suggested tiles include:
    Announcer mispronouncing lore character names.
    Background audience waves to the camera.
    Hearing the phrases: "For the Horde", "For the Alliance".
    Witnessing someone doing a racial dance (Night Elf Male's Michael Jackson dance, ect.)
    Seeing two people cosplaying the same thing next to one another.
    Male cosplaying female, female cosplaying male.
    Expansion is released.
    Neckbeard asks question during a panel.
    Ghostcrawler waves.
    Level 90 Tauren Chieftains play.
    Up-close shot of fans inspecting loot bags.
  • #3 yggdrasiel
    Name: Do you see that enemy over there?

    Objective: make cards with diablo enemy names on them. Each player takes a card without looking and puts it on their head (with head band) without looking. Players try to guess what enemy they have by asking other players questions about their card.

    Rules: You can ask what act the enemy is in but not the specific zone. Questions must be answerable with a yes or no and sometimes maybe. Player who wins must shout "Glorius!" at the top of his lungs.
  • #4 WickedWitchInc
    Blizzcon Candy Pot!
    3-5 glasses or bowels.
    *Several Bags of M&Ms. (you can buy only blue or red ones for a warcraft theme)

    Everyone brings or is given a bag of M&Ms . Then when the PVP and/or starcraft matches start one person starts by putting in a set number of M&M in one bowl/glass and someone can take the other side and put in as they did. The winner gets the whole Jar or glass of M&Ms. This game can be modified with other sweets or treats but since a week after halloween I know we are going to have a bunch of candy left over :).
  • #5 bloopars
    Blizzcon Blitz

    Needed: Hard alcohol and some beers

    Take a shot when:

    A panel basically ignores a question
    Every murloc voice impression
    Any awkward silence
    When the crowd cheers for a fail
    If the live raid dies
    If a new expac is announced (drink 2)
    If a new game changing aspect/class is announced

    Take a drink when:

    After every game of a tournament
    When anyone says GG, For the Horde/Alliance
    Every WoW Lore question
    Every failed voice/costume/dance
    Metzen/Ghostcrawler speak
    A new feature to a game announced
  • #6 MCMXCIX
    Quote from Zinki

    Blizzcon In A Bottle

    Objective: Get drunk and have fun!
    -Take 1 shot when someone says "For The Horde/Alliance"
    -Take 2 shots when someone says "Soon"
    -Take 2 shots if during the voice contest someone says "Zug zug," "Loktar ogar," or "MRGRLRLLRLRLR"
    -Finish your drink if someone dresses up as an elf during costume contest

    Damnit, there goes my idea.

    Okay, here's my second idea. Aptly titled "Where's Waldo Thrall?"

    Here's how you play. With 2-players, each player writes the name of ten characters on seperate slips of paper, and they are all put into a hat, and the hat is then shuffled. Each person then draws one slip of paper at the start of the festivities. Their role is to then watch and try to find their character (whether that character is a costume, on a poster, in a video, etc). Once they see their character, the player yells "Yahtzee Murky!" then puts their slip aside and draws another. This game continues until a specified time as decided by the players, or until the viewing is over. At the end, the player with the most slips wins. In the event of a tie, the remaining players play a game of Roshambo Hearthstone, and the winner of that game is declared the winner of "Where's Waldo Thrall?"
  • #7 Nouel
    Blizzard guess check

    -Objective: Write down a list of things you think will be announced at Blizzcon, changes being made to existing games, costume contest predictions, world championship series winner, etc. The winner is whoever gets the most guesses right.

    -Rules: 1- You cannot have more guesses in a list then the person you're playing with
    2- You may have the same guesses as your opponent
    3- The list must be made prior to the opening ceremony of Blizzcon
    4- You must not share the guesses with your opponent before Blizzcon begins
  • #8 ArdaicNumberOneUS
    The Name of the Game: Blitzcon
    Objective: Have a good time drinking with your friends while watching Blizzcon

    Rules: At the beginning of your Blitzcon game, everyone will write their name on a piece of paper. They will then place that piece of paper in one of two cups: one cup is marked 'New Class' and the other is marked 'No New Class'. This will come into factor later.

    Your class is mentioned in conjunction with 'nerf' or 'nerf bat'. Take 1 shot. BONUS: If the phrase 'to the ground' is mentioned in the same sentence, Take a bonus shot while everyone else points and stage-laughs at you. They may choose to laugh genuinely if they have the mean-spirited nature required to do so effectively.

    Someone mentions the Dance Studio. Take a drink.

    Someone mentions new character models. Take a drink.

    Someone mentions faction favoritism. Take 2 drinks if you are a member of that faction.

    Anytime someone says OP or Overpowered. Take a drink.

    Someone in your group says OP. They take a drink.

    Anytime someone asks a lore-based question that you did not remotely follow. Take 2 drinks to wash away the sorrows of your ignorance.

    Blizzard recycles an old dungeon or raid. Take a shot and yell, 'COME ON, BLIZZ!' You know you're thinking it on the inside. Bonus: If it's a troll dungeon, Take a shot and 2 drinks and yell, 'OF COURSE IT'S A TROLL DUNGEON!'

    The guy who broke his leg in the dance contest at Blizzcon appears again. (Youtube it if you dare, but I still cringe when I think about it) Take a drink and hope he keeps it on the ground this time.

    They mention legendaries. Take a shot. (2 Minute Cooldown. Seriously, honor the cooldown. I won't be held responsible if someone finishes their rum before the hour is up.)

    Someone in your group says 'Called it' or 'Man, I totally called that' or any similar phrase as judged by the group at large. That person takes 3 drinks because nobody likes a wise-arse.

    Bonus Games:

    When the new World of Warcraft Expansion is mentioned, get out the 2 cups from earlier. When the details are out, everyone who guessed correctly gets to distribute 3 drinks. They may take them for themselves or they may give them to anyone who did not guess correctly. Caveat: No person who guesses incorrectly may take more than 8 drinks. Drinks may remain undistributed in the case that only one or two unlucky sods guessed wrong.

    Anytime Blizzard says or prints 'SOON', the first person to yell 'TM' or 'TRADEMARK' gets to assign a shot to someone, themselves included.


    Drink - when the game specifies a number of drinks, this is a number of swallows of your beverage of choice, whether it's beer, cocktails, or the hard stuff. You set your own pace, but typically a drink will be larger than a sip and smaller than a gulp. If you're unsure if your swallow is too large, I recommend a diet and exercise until it's flight speed is that of an average unladen European swallow of similar size and disposition.

    Shot - This is 1 ounce of the hard stuff. Hard stuff is a relative term, but it's recommended that you go with something at least stronger than wine and weaker than a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster.

    Trigger - A trigger is a condition that is or is not met during your Blizzcon viewing. If a trigger is met - that is, the thing happens or is said - then you do the proscribed activity.

    Addendum: While this game does encourage social drinking and entertainment value associated with such, alcohol poisoning is a very serious thing and it should not be taken lightly. If at any point you feel you've had enough, declare it thusly and take a break until you happen to feel you'd like to get back in the trenches. Should you think your friend(s) might be overserved, feel free to express concern and suggest they switch to water or coffee or tea for a while. Anyone who is currently sitting out from the drinking portion is still more than welcome to engage in the related shenanigans as this is - above all - a social game centered around the company and content that we all love (or love/hate. or wish we could break up with but picture in a cowboy hat while mouthing, 'I can't quit you!') and you don't need alcohol to express that mutual-love-hate-weirdcowboy thing.
  • #9 FrozenAesir

    The rules are simple, make small bets either with money or food or drinks or whatever you want, on what new content you predict. If someone's prediction is right on what new content will be announced, the win the round. The game is reset for every panel where they are sure to release new information on their games.
  • #10 Psyanyde
    I present,weekend at Muradins'!!!!!!

    Easy enough to print out and it'll fit perfectly on standard printing paper so you can print it out and place a copy on a coffee table/fridge
  • #11 furydeath
    That can't be true!

    Clam one accounced at blizzard be it class, skill, game or something added to a game that you think will NOT happen later. And who ever has clamed something that has not been seen or was prvoen to be scraped my BLizzard win's the prize of choice at said time.
  • #12 Meevas
    Not the most interesting game but should be fun none the less with friends
  • #13 sdkphoenix
    The BlizzCon Drink-A-Long

    The objective is to get as wasted as you can as fast as possible. The winner will not remember a damn thing!

    To play you will need:

    1 bottle of Blue Curacao
    1 bottle of Vodka
    12 Pack of Mtn Dew Voltage

    Mix them all together in a large bowl/pitcher.

    Now for the rules.

    1 Shot:
    when Metzen says "Alliance will have their moment"
    when Greg Street smirks
    if Pet Battles are shown to have been a success
    for every fat Tyrande in the costume contest
    For every Sylvannas in the costume contest

    2 Shots:
    if LFR is brought up
    if CRZ is mentioned
    if Flex Raiding becomes the new normal
    for any Minecraftesque Costume in the Contest

    3 Shots:
    If some crappy band plays on the final night
    Everytime Metzen says "For the Horde"
    If Mike Morhaime mentions anything about Titan
    If said Minecraft costume falls over

    Down it all:
    If The Dark Below is the next expansion
    If the Live Raid actually defeats everything this year, even the hard cheating GM stuff
  • #14 GirlyKittyBoy
    Horde vs. Alliance Pride
    Party members split into teams representing either the Horde or Alliance and start with 50 'health'. Each time a faction battlecry (i.e. For the Lok'tar Ogar/For the Alliance) is heard on stream two points are subtracted from the opposing factions health. If said by a Blizzard representative, 5 points are subtracted instead. The first faction to reach 0 points or the faction with the least points at the end of the event is deemed the loser.
  • #15 Enkeria
    "Due to Shipping times, This contest has to be restricted to only people in North America "


    Oh well, did this anyway:
  • #16 dkhomerdk12
    Diablo party game:

    you are 2-4 people in a party playing diablo on hardest difficulity.

    when you die you take 1 shot.
    if all you team dies your hole team takes 1 shot.
    When you defeat one of the four bosses you have to finish your drink (Beer or cided)
    Last but not least when are fighting diablo, if one of your friends dies in the battle everyone have to take a shot.
    when you defeat Diablo you all need to finish your drinks.

    You will either need beer or cider for the drinks
    for the shots it could be voka,Rum or anything a high per mille. of 20% or higher.
  • #17 Halions
    Blizzcon Drinking Game


    -Take one shot whenever someone mentions "making content more accessible"
    -Take one shot whenever Metzen yells "For the Horde!"
    -Take two shots whenever Metzen mentions corruption
    -Finish your drink if Metzen mentions redemption
  • #18 eclips
    Cos'bingo! (Must be said with a troll accent like Taz'dingo)
    • A 5x5 grid featuring various Blizzard characters.
    • Each time you spot someone cosplaying as a character mark of that space.
    • Can be played during the whole event or specifically during the costume contest.
    • First to complete a line wins!
  • #19 Madex
    Game Tilte: SOONTM

    Just a simple drinking game, anytime SOONTM is said everyone has to raise their hands, last to do so, DRINKS!

    If anyone says drink, they drink!
    if anyone says SOONTM, they drink!

    Needed supplies

    Shot glasses
    Drink of choice
  • #20 Enty
    Game title: SoonTM

    ...Coming SoonTM
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