Announcing the DiabloFans "Site Update" Beta, Diablo 3 For PS3 and Xbox 360 Giveaway

Announcing the DiabloFans "Site Update" Beta

We have some great news to share with everyone. Starting today we are launching the beta of our new site design and system. This system will let us bring more features than ever before as time goes on! (Including a new stream section!)

We are looking for any and all feedback. But mainly are looking for those pesky bugs! If you find anything, please post in the feedback thread with any of your beta feedback. You can also use the "FEEDBACK" button on the right side of the screen when viewing the beta.

Please note that the beta is a snapshot of live. This means new posts on diablofans will not show up on the beta and posts made on the beta will not show up on live

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Diablo 3 For PS3 and Xbox 360 Giveaway

To go along with announcing our new site - we have a giveaway to do! We will be giving away a copy of Diablo 3 for the ps3 and the xbox 360. Entering is easy - just follow the steps below.

  • Pick what feature in the console version interests you the most in the poll
  • In the comments say what you picked, and explain why
  • If you picked other, make sure to say what "other" is
  • Make sure to let us know if you want the PS3 game, or the Xbox360 Game
  • It breaks my heart to say this, but you must live in NA to enter this contest
  • The contest will end in 1 week - October 24th, 2013
  • Winners will be contacted via PM here on diablofans



  • #1 rathidraconis
    I voted for the dodge function. I've heard from my brother who played the demo and other posts online that it can allow you to dodge all kinds of attacks ... including freeze procs from elites. I'm eager to try it out and see if the extra level of skill from dodging at the right times adds to the excitement of the game.

    If I get the game, I'd love to play it on my Playstation 3. Thank you.
  • #2 pinycone
    I chose local 4 player co-op, because diablo on the PS3 seems like a fun sit down party game with a couple of buds, kinda like gauntlet legends was back in the day.

    D3 for PS3, thanks!

    Good luck to everyone
  • #3 sithlore
    I voted for the loot 1.5 system.
    Being self found, increased odds of getting better loot is what the game is all about.

    (If there was a system such as ATMA - D2), so that you could have an unlimited stash, then I would have gone with offline mode.

  • #4 Elfmagi
    I chose local co-op because my girlfriend and I both like playing games together and we can do that easier on one system than buying d3 twice on pc :P

    D3 PS3

    Good luck everyone!
  • #5 khausam
    Loot 1.5 - I've lost the D3 PC mojo due to not being able to invest enough time farming for a viable item or buy one from the gold loothouse.

    D3 for PS3 pleases and thanks.
  • #6 seahorses502
    I chose the 4 player coop because for some dumb reason, most of my friends dont play pc games. only Xbox. They all have Diablo for Xbox. I got the PC version. A year ago. I want to play with mah friends!

    the loot 1.5 is a close second tho, but if i wait long enough pc will have that so 4player coop wins the vote!

    D3 for Xbox360!
  • #7 SharpObject101
    I voted for loot 1.5. I love finding those sick legendaries, just like d2. Finding gear yourself without trying to trade with someone that has gear you need.

    Ps3 Version.
  • #8 RITthePALLY
    I picked loot 1.5 because it's currently a headache to farm in D3 on PC and the loot is just more enjoyable in the console version.
  • #9 Oranite
    Offline mode, I dont have very stable internet and love being able to play offline without fear of disconnects. It also allows flexibility in the game allowing me to play how I wish.

    PS3 version.
  • #10 Mjumnito
    I went with the offline mode.
    Multiplayer is fun and all but sometime I just want to hide :ph34r: and enjoy the game without waiting for friends/party members to unload, BS on vent,..ect

    D3 for Xbox 360
  • #11 Zoolandar
    I voted for the offline mode. When I first heard that Diablo 3 would be coming to consoles I was excited by the idea of crushing some demons with my friends on the big screen. I was never truly interested in taking my console gaming onto the internet and was ecstatic to hear that it would not be required like it is for the PC. I never purchased the console version of Diablo 3 because I and my brothers all had the computer version but I could think of no better way to spend our christmas than leveling up some characters on the couch like we did with other dungeon crawlers back in the day.

    And xbox 360 <3
  • #12 Jayablo
    For me it has to be the offline mode. I been in the computer networking industry for a while now and i played Diablo on playstation and on PC not having to be online was always a nice touch. Now with the PC version having always online its hard for some people due to the economy not having a fast internet connection some times there is service interruptions not ever Isp is good there will be some hiccups.
    And with offline mode you can avoid all of that the only problem with offline is that its east to hack and do what you want just like what was done in Diablo 2.
    • Griswold? Good old Griswold. I love him like a brother! We fought together, you know, back when... we... Lazarus... Lazarus... Lazarus!!!
    And if i am picked i do have a PS3
  • #13 Jaetch
    Ooh, I gotta check out the beta site redesign in-depth when I get home from work.
  • #14 SwayzeGhost
    I picked the "Direct Control over your Character" because it seems like a fresh/interesting way to replay the game I've put so many hours into already. Seems like it would feel so different.I GOTS THE CARPAL TUNNEL!

    PS3 version if I do win, please!
  • #15 SwooshMojo
    I love the No AH on the console. The AH to me makes the game way to much Pay to Win. Will be glad when it will be gone forever and people actually have to kill monsters to get good loot!

  • #16 Bandyto
    You forgot an important option: None.

    As a PC only player I do not care about the console version. My last console was a Sega Genesis. I have nothing against consoles but I simply do not care about them and therefore not about D3 on console. Still voted for Other. ;)
  • #17 miles_dryden
    I voted for Local Coop, since I have several friends in town who don't play much PC stuff, but D3 would make a great party game.

    Xbox 360.
  • #18 Elendiro
    Europe player is devistated.... :QQ:
  • #19 Ashadelo
    hands down the local 4 player coop for me. Some of the best nights I have had with Diablo has been when my brother comes over to my house along with a friend or two and my two other little brothers joining us. And all of us 5+ rotate in and out playing Diablo 3 on the pc's. The only downside to all of this is that its hard to get everyone it always bring their pc's or stuff and then to actually set it all up in my room.

    This is really the main reason I want to buy D3 for Xbox I have just not gotten around to it yet.

    I also know my two little brothers (all of us play ONLY hardcore, yes even my 10 year old brother has at least 1 60+ HC) would love D3 for Xbox 360 as some of their friends play D3 on Xbox but do not own/have access too a pc to play D3 on.

    Xbox 360 version of Diablo III is the version I want if chosen.
  • #20 Slayardarklaws
    Offline mode of course. Always online drm is the only thing keeping me from hardcore. 98% of the deaths I suffered in nealry 1000 hours of playing were due to being online ( rubberbanding, lags, instability...). I'm extremely pissed, as a long diablo fan, that console players get to play freely offline while I have to play on the other end of a leash.
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