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D3 Barbarian Origin
Is D3's Barbarian a different character from D2's Barbarian? As you can see below - it was intended to be the same hero, but Blizzard changed their mind during the development process.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/273963-random-question/#post9' battle='http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10102860309#9']Is the Barbarian in d3 the same Barbarian from D2?

When the Enchantress asks the Barbarian "Are you considered handsome in your lands?" or something like that, the Barb responds with "I am old now, but still strong, and that is what matters." Now this leads to the question, if the Prime evils broke lose 20 years ago, and this Barbarian is strong enough to single handedly kill the collection of all 7 evils combined, does it not seem logical that he was in fact the same Barbarian who killed Diablo and his brothers the first time?

Also, it sounds like the Barbarian knew Deckard Cain before the events of D3. In act 2, Leah said that she wanted to explore The Great Library of Caldeum, and the Barbarian responds "You are more like your uncle than you know." If we also take into account that in the course of the D3 story line, the Barbarian knew Deckard Cain for like a day or two before he died. Hardly enough time to make a detailed judgement of person in my opinion, so how would the Barbarian know that Leah was more like her uncle than she knew?

These are just the reasons why I think the Barb is the same, I actually have no idea, or it might be well known that the barb is/isn't the same. I don't know and that's why I'm asking :D
Since you're looking for confirmation one way or the other, let me clarify:

Initially during the development of Diablo III we intended that the male Barbarian was the same character from Diablo II, but during the development process, we later revisited the idea and decided that our Diablo III heroes should be unique to Diablo III.

While there are references to the exploits of past heroes scattered around Sanctuary (such as that of the Necromancer), this story belongs to a new group of heroes. :)

Update on Lag in Public EU Games
[blizzquote author='Blizzard' battle='http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8324862587?page=13#246']Hello everyone,

Thank you for your continued repoirts everyone, we're forwarding these on for investigation and our networking team has been alerted to the issue, I don't have any further news on this just yet but it is being actively investigated on our side.

As part of that do please continue to post these reports. We'd also ask that you let your network providers know too. This will allow all affected parties to investigate the issue, allowing for a quicker resolution.

Thank you again for posting these reports, your co-operation and your patience.

Hello again,

Thank you for continuing to report this issue and to provide the info requested in this post:

As we've said previously, and I'll say it again; we are looking into this issue. We ask you to contact your ISPs too to ensure that all affected parties are involved and investigating too. We are not laying the blame at anyone's feet. We just need everyone involved with this ongoing investigation to be informed, while we also continue to investigate from our side.

We need you to continue to post the info we requested above, in order to fully look into this issue.

Please note that all non-reports will be removed. I do understand that this issue is frustrating, but the tech forum is not for recriminations or for off topic discussions. We need information in this thread, such as trace routes and pathpings. Giving us this info will allow us to investigate with far greater effiency.

So again, thank you in advance for continuing to post the info requested in the thread I linked above. And thank you for your patience while we look into this.

Hi Aeon, yes that's part of the trace route, but we need the full trace route. As well as the rest of the information. Again, here's the link to the info we need:

The time outs after hitting our network is entirely normal and happens on every trace route, even when there isn't a connection issue we're looking into. It's done for security reasons.

In the trace route article, you can see this information reiterated at the bottom of the article.

except all the useless junk information they ask from us, which have nothing to do with the matter..
We are asking for this info because it is vital for us to look into this issue. Our network team asks for this info, so we have to ask you for it. You may not see the need for it, but we do.

So thank you for posting the info we requested, it's a great help for us.

those of us who have lost characters and / or items due to this issue can you give us any insight if there is going to be a chance of us being able to get them back?
I'm sorry, if an item or hero is lost due to disconnection or other termination of the game, there's no way to get it back.

As repeated earlier, this thread is here to gather info on a current issue, and we are using that information to investigate.

To re-highlight the info we need, you can find it here:

I understand it's frustrating at the moment, but we are looking into this and we are using the info you post to investigate. I don't have any further updates at the moment, and we are asking that you contact your ISPs as well. This does not mean we are blaming your ISPs, just that we are in a process of investigating the issue at the moment.

We are removing posts because the vast majority of posts on this thread are defamatory or outright hostile. I understand you're upset, but we need to keep this thread civil as it abides by the rules that all threads on these forums abide by. The only way we've been able to keep control of this thread is to remove anything not related to either questions we as support agents can answer, or the information we have requested.

We don't have an update on this at the moment, I know that's not what you want to hear and I understand this is an infuriating time, but it's all I have to share right now. Please do continue to post the info we requested, as every bit of info is vital for us to look into this. Thank you again for being patient and for your co-operation.

Blue Posts
[blizzquote author='Blizzard']Class Diversity in RoS
Tl;dr In RoS there will be spells from certain classes on other classes what will hurt the diversity of classes, i.e. monk's cyclone -> barb's hurricane -> wizard's blackhole.
Ensuring that each class is fun to play, unique, and powerful is very important to us. There are changes being made to all of the classes in Reaper of Souls, and the results of those changes are difficult to predict when much of it is still being developed. We'll be sure to post more information about class updates as we they get finalized, but in the meantime this is a great discussion, and thanks to everyone who's participating in it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Still No ETA on Pre-RoS Patch
We don’t yet have a release date for all the changes included in Loot 2.0. Our goal, however, is to release some of the new features we’ve discussed for Reaper of Souls with a pre-expansion patch. Loot 2.0 changes are definitely something we’d like to be a part of that patch, but there are still things that have to be taken care of before we'll have any additional information to share about it. We'll be posting updates about the pre-expansion patch, Reaper of Souls, and Loot 2.0 itself as we iron out the details, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Paragon Respecs Discussion
I'm all for having the ability to respec, but I think both paragon and skill respecs neeed to have some kind of limiting factor. I don't think you should be able to change them on a whim.
We currently don't have any plans to limit the number of Paragon respecs, but it'd be cool to hear your thoughts on the subject. It'd be nice to have additional detail on why you feel one way or the other, so I'll write down a few questions to help guide the conversation.
  • Why is limiting/unlimiting Paragon respecs necessary for the game?
  • How does limiting/unlimiting respecs improve your game experience?
  • What sort of limits would you suggest, and why? (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


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