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D3 Console FAQ
Since the console version is still one of the hottest topics on the Official Forums, Grimiku answered some frequently asked questions about it. Check the full thread to see a collection of questions and answers, put together by one of Battle.Net's MVPs.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

06/14/2013 01:19 AMPosted by Narull
Q: What are the Hard drive requirements for PS3 and / or Xbox 360?
Answer: You'll need 5mb of hard drive space to save your characters on the Xbox version, and 12mb on the PS3. The PS3 requires a bit more space due to the Trophy Pack file that needs to be included.

06/14/2013 01:19 AMPosted by Narull
Q: Will options like in the PC version be on console?(turning on damage numbers etc)
I answered this question in this thread, but I'll quote that answer here, too.

07/10/2013 10:52 AMPosted by Grimiku
We kept a lot of the options in the console version of Diablo III that you currently have, including damage numbers, advanced tooltips, health bars, and elective mode.

Q: What happens to a Hardcore character if I save it to a USB then it dies on my console? Can I just reload it and bring it back to life?
You can find this answer right here, and I'll quote it so you don't have to follow the link of course.

07/08/2013 05:56 PMPosted by Grimiku
This can be done, but it should be noted that all of the heroes are stored together with the profile, so all of your characters on the console would be overwritten with the USB version.

06/14/2013 01:19 AMPosted by Narull
Q: How exactly does the controls work. For someone like a DH how do you control the range of stuff like spike traps or RF bombardment?
I answered this question about a month ago, but it doesn't hurt to say it again.

06/11/2013 06:22 PMPosted by Grimiku
This was something I was, personally, very curious about, and genuinely surprised when I discovered how easy precise skill execution is with the controller. A lot of the skills in the console version were specially tuned for controller support, and skills will automatically center on whatever monster you have targeted, or fire off in the direction your hero is facing if you don’t have a monster targeted. On that note, you can hold L2 (PS3) or Left Trigger (Xbox 360) to lock on to your target for those situations that you want to be able to freely maneuver while keeping your eye on the enemy.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Don't Call Out on Specific Players
Ban!!! He openly admits to doing his best to ruin this game! I read thread after thread about this guy intentionally ruining peoples game experience and he is still here! I won't even port to anyone in game because of him and his friends. He hasn't gotten me, but he is effecting my game play just out of social anxiety.

this will probably be closed (its not allowed to name and shame other players).
Indeed. Folks - we do encourage you to discuss any concerns as you would normally, but I do need to ask that you refrain from calling a specific player out in the forums. As such, this thread will be locked. We appreciate your understanding. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Rollback After Hacking
i was hacked the other day and called blizzard about it, at first they tried to talk me out of the roll back saying " most people like their accounts better after they had been hacked". .... After they finally did roll it back , i got on and all my items are account bound... i called about that and they said " well they are not supposed to be"... I have played diablo since the first... Blizzard has became a JOKE!!!!
We do understand that having your account broken into and messed with by someone else is not something anyone really wants to experience, which is why we do our best to try and get affected accounts back on track as soon as possible. That being said, the details of the Diablo III rollback procedure are detailed there on our public support article page.

We definitely encourage everyone to help protect their own accounts with the Authenticator and SMS Protect - you stand far less of a chance to be compromised with those on the account.

@HalfDead29 - if you have further inquiries about your specific issue, we ask that you respond to the last ticket that was sent in response to the compromise.
Thank you, this thread will now be locked. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Items Shouldn't Take Long to Be Delivered
Hi Wk, we're going to be taking another look at the auction in question - I see that the item is listed as claimable, but the reason why you cannot yet grab it after this time is concerning. I do appreciate your patience. In the meantime, I do ask that you refrain from opening multiple threads in the forums about the issue. I'll be locking down this one, but we are going to be responding to your ticket that is currently opened as soon as we have checked this out again.

Please keep in mind that although our support staff will see whether items are listed as claimable or not, this may not be reflected the same in your own account - and it can take days for some auctions to process depending on the volume that's hitting the AH at that time. Again, this being said, we're pretty much at the end of that window of time - and I do think the item should have been available by now.

We'll be in touch in a bit, thanks :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Visually, What is Your Favorite Weapon in Diablo III?

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Sometimes it's not enough to simply use arcane magic or raw muscle to keep the demons in line.

Weapons come in all shapes and sizes, and every able-bodied adventurer knows the value of sharp blades and piercing arrows in taking down the many vile creatures that lurk in the shadows of Sanctuary. There are a wide range of weapons to choose from during your adventures, but some rise above the rest in terms of how menacing or impressive they appear.

In-game weapon images supplied by Goons

If the relative strength of your weapon was not a concern, and you could freely arm your hero with whichever weapon you wanted for maximum aesthetic satisfaction, we want to know: Visually, what is your favorite weapon in Diablo III?
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