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Public Games in 1.0.8
Grimiku gives a few advices on the new Public Games features.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard']I’ve been having a lot of fun playing public games (Act II included) since patch 1.0.8, and haven’t had any problems finding a game to join. I have a suggestion that might help you find Public Games if you don’t care what quest they’re on.

In patch 1.0.8, we added a feature to Public Game quest selection called “Any Quest” to help players quickly join games and get into the action, and here’s how to find it if you haven’t seen it yet. After clicking the “Public Games” option you’re prompted to select a quest, and each Act now has an option called “Any Quest” at the top of its quest list (you can also select “Any Act- Any Quest” at the very top). I hope this helps you find games with like-minded Nephalem to adventure with! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Join a multiplayer player public game. Any act, any type.
Press ESC. Like you want to leave.
Open game to public is Unavailable. Now why is that?
Making a game session publicly available can be a little confusing, but I’ll try to clear it up a bit. The option is greyed out in existing public games because it’s already been activated and can’t be edited (i.e. changing it from Monster Slaying to Brawling) or turned off. The option will be available if you want to turn a solo session or a private multiplayer session into a public game, but only the party leader can do that if you’re in a group. I hope that helped! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blue Posts
[blizzquote author='Blizzard']Error 31075
I was referring to something slightly different in my post (grayed-out button), but the scenarios are very similar.

I spoke with our engineers and confirmed that "Error 31075" indicates that the game is attempting to limit traffic to the auction house. The auction house is up, but it's just under heavy load at the moment.

I did read the update. She obviously edited the update (in italics) after I had already posted this thread...
Nope! But I will go back and update it now to also state "Error 31075" so it's more clear. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Players Near You
The "Players Near Me" feature will call out players on your Local Network (so, same apartment, same university, same office, same PC baang, etc). Thisis what the notification looks like, for reference. And here's how it will look in the Friends List.

Hope that helps! (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

BlizzCon Ticket Reminder: Attendee Information Deadline—May 14
A reminder was given to the people that bought a Blizzcon ticket. You only have a few more days to change your information!

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' battle='']If you purchased BlizzCon 2013 tickets for family or friends, just a reminder you have until next Tuesday, May 14to enter or edit attendee information, including:
  • The names to be printed on the badges
  • account names for the pre-show online merchandise sale for BlizzCon ticket holders—more details to come. (Please note that only registered accounts will be able to access this pre-show sale.)
  • Optional game information such as World of Warcraft character, realm, clan, and BattleTag.
If this information hasn’t been entered by May 14, all badges will default to the name on the purchaser’s account. Don’t miss the opportunity to customize your badges!
For more info, check out the Badge Information page.

Head to your Order History within account management to edit attendee information before it’s too late!

ChromeOnRust's Stats and Affixes Guide
Forum member and guide creator ChromeOnRust has released a video where he gives advice on what are some useful stats on gear when it comes to selling it on the Auction House. To not make people view the video over and over until they learn what stats are good he has made this very useful chart, where he's displayed his opinion on what stats are useful in a visually-pleasing way.

You can drop him feedback in this topic where ChromeOnRust has made a collection of his informational videos.

Diablo Fan Art
Yonaz over at Deviant Art has created this awesome fan art of Diablo himself! Check out his gallery for some more Blizzard art and a lot of other fantasy and sci fi themed pieces.


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