Waller Affix Complaints, Still Nothing Concrete for 1.0.9, Diablo 3 as an FPS?, Archon Inferno's Disintegrate Build

Waller Affix Complaints
A group of members on the official forums report a supposed bug with waller affix champions. According to the claims, sometimes the wallers would spawn 4 walls where the player gets stuck for a quite crucial amount of time.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/259326-death-due-to-waller-affix-bug-please-address-pic/' battle='http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8198641317?page=20#394']Hey all,

Thanks so much for your reports. At the moment, our QA team is having difficulty reproducing this bug internally, so we have a small request.

If you're still running into situations where Waller monsters are spawning their walls right on top of your characters, we would really appreciate a list of steps that you took to get this bug to occur or a video that shows when and where this happens. (While we're super thankful for the reports and screenshots you've submitted thus far, we just need some additional details to figure out what's going on.)

For clarity: Waller champions will sometimes spawn multiple walls in a tight formation near a player, which can limit mobility. This is not a bug. However, if a single Waller wall is spawned right on top of a character, causing it to be unable to move, then that's a bug and we would like to know more about these situations.

Thank you!

Still Nothing Concrete for 1.0.9
Although there are a lot of wishlists and suggestions for the next patch, like MrMonstrosity's Dream Patch Notes we posted recently, there is still nothing definite coming from Blizzard regarding the future patches. Blue posters do want to read your wishlists though, so keep those coming! We've already seen some suggestions being implemented almost momentarily.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/259070-what-will-patch-109-contain/#post2' battle='http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7341114325#2']We do not yet have any information that we can share about future patches after patch 1.0.8, but we will of course let you guys know as soon as we do :-)

Is it okay if we make a wish list for the patch 1.09 ?
Of course :-)

Any such wish list from you guys will be interesting to read for sure, but please keep in mind that we cannot make any promises that your wishes may come true. Obviously we are interested in hearing what you guys would like to see next, even if it is something that has been mentioned many times before.

Diablo 3 as a First Person Shooter?
An interesting topic was brought up on the official forums where user Scaart asks what Diablo would look like as a First Person Shooter. Vaneras gives his view on the topic.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/259071-diablo-3-as-a-first-person-shooter/#post8' battle='http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7340144208#8']Not sure it would ever be possible to turn Diablo into a First Person Shooter, not without a total conversion and redesign at least. The thought of Diablo as a shooter is an amusing one though :-)

If we follow this amusing train of thought, and hypothetically speak of turning Diablo III into a shooter, wouldn't the game be better suited as a third person shooter rather than a first person one?

Just imagine WW spec in first person view, awesome!
Yup, that would be a rather messy experience from a first person perspective indeed, but maybe it would not be so bad from a third person perspective :-)

Archon Inferno's Disintegrate Build
Archon Inferno has released a new video explaining a few great skill choices for a Disintegrate build, that will become viable come 1.0.8. He also mentions some examples for Ray of Frost, which in his opinion still needs a slight buff.


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