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Telling You What is Fun
Lylirra spoke again about Blizzard deciding what is fun for players.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']The theory that we're trying to aggressively redefine "what's fun" has always saddened me. Our goal in designing Diablo III, and in supporting it post-launch, is to constantly iterate on its systems and content, incorporating new perspectives and feedback as we go. Each change we push is ultimately aimed at making Sanctuary more enjoyable for as many people as possible. Of course, "fun" is a pretty subjective term, so sometimes that means we'll make a change that's seen as unfavorable to a smaller group of players, but will (hopefully) be appreciated by larger portions of our player base.

We're always reevaluating our design decisions, though, and working to make improvements based off player feedback. Iteration is key.

BS BS BS TheXelnaga here from 5 years counting feedback from Diablo 3 classic forums and longer then that on Diablo 2 forums , who has participated in every Diablo podcast under the sun, ask Bashiok who is TheXelnaga, I have been giving valuable feedback for years, I was giving feedback when Bashiok was MicahW as the Tyrael Icon. You guys have not been listening, I have mounds and mounds of data backed up on the internet way back machine I have been posting for years based on player feedback.
I really dig your passion. :) One important thing to keep in mind, though, is even though we may not have acted on your feedback in particular, that doesn't mean we don't value it, or that we haven't made positive changes based on player input. Many of the improvements we've made since the game launched (as well as those currently planned for 1.0.8 and beyond) have been inspired, influenced, or guided by community discussion.

What is a Good Number for Coop Players
Continuing from Thursday, a bit more was added on the coop players limit.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']Imagine you have 6 friends and they all wanna play in party with you, and you can only play with 5 of them :(
It doesn't stop there. Why not 9 instead of 8? Why not 10 instead of 9? There comes a point where designers need to make a call on that sort of thing, and it's usually not an easy one to make. You have to weigh what different players say they want along with what's best for the health of the game you've designed. Sometimes they mesh and it's awesome! Sometimes they don't, and it's frustrating, because you want what's best for your game to also make everyone happy. It's nearly impossible to please everyone all the time, though, so it's a matter of weighing the drawbacks of a system and choosing the approach that is the best overall with the least downsides.

Also, we're not saying 4 player co-op is more fun than having 5 players or 8 players. We're not saying it's less fun, either. We're saying that it's what we believe works best for Diablo III right now. That's due to a number of factors including screen noise, buff management and scaling, player contribution, and making sure certain group compositions didn't feel mandatory. We very carefully deliberated party size during development, and we continue to deliberate party size even now.

Fan Creation of the Week: David Lines Cosplay
This week's Fan Creation of the Week is David Lines' Cosplay. He's made a great Imperius costume and is also showing some of its creation process.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']

The Archangel Imperius is a steadfast and passionate member of the Angiris Council, and with his poise and towering presence, it takes a certain type of individual to be able to step into his immaculate armor and do justice to this iconic character.

This week’s community spotlight shines on cosplayer David Lines and his ornate cosplay of Imperius, the Archangel of Valor. This impressive costume was made by David and photographed by his brother Tom.

David was also nice enough to share an assortment of photos chronicling the creation of his intricate cosplay. You can find a few glimpses below, and there are more in his DeviantArt gallery.

Eager to see more of David’s cosplay photos? Check out the full album on his DeviantArt account!

Curse Weekly Roundup
In this week's Curse Roundup: Metal Gear Solid 5, Battlefield 4, BioShock Infinite, Terraria on PS Vita and more!


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