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ProzaicMuze's Multi-Strafe Demon Hunter
ProzaicMuze is back with some more interesting builds that don't necessarily try to squeeze out the most damage from classes, but instead focus on less used skills. In this guide he showcases his Multi-Strafe build for Demon Hunter. The first video is a quick preview of how the build will work on MP1 and MP3, while the second goes into detail on why those skills are chosen and how to correctly use them.

You can drop ProzaicMuze some feedback in his dedicated topic located here.

100% Completion and Achievement Bugs
More than a few people have now completed all achievements in Diablo 3, but some of them still have a few bugs present since launch.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Congrats on your achievement gathering Origin, Insect, and everyone who has strived for the glory of each and every challenge Sanctuary has to offer! It takes quite a lot of dedication to earn so many prestigious Diablo III achievements. :)

In terms of ”broken” achievements, I wanted to assure you that we are actively investigating those little buggers, and we’re hoping to hotfix a number of broken achievements just as soon as we can. Until then, keep up the fantastic work!

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Will More BoA Crafting Items Be Added?
We’re pretty happy with the way the Archon recipes have turned out, but we’re just keeping an eye on things for now. That said, while we don’t have any plans at this time to add additional BoA items or crafting recipes, we think they can be meaningful addition to the game (if done right) and certainly aren’t opposed to doing more in the future. We’re glad to hear they’ve made your time in Sanctuary more enjoyable. :)

On a personal note I’m also very happy with the Archon recipes, since I like looking for a variety of raw materials, recipes, and items while slaying demons. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Bosses on Hardcore
Honor to our fellow Nephalem who have fallen, and good fortune to future heroes. Perhaps with time the caution you feel surrounding Azmodan will yield to a burning desire for vengeance, and rather than avoiding his lair you may find yourself happily anticipating the bitter satisfaction that only his death can bring.

Do you play hardcore Grimiku ?
If so, have you ever lost a well geared lvl60 toon in a manner that was not your fault ?
If so, please fill us in on the details.
Thanks for the post
I do play Hardcore, but every character I have lost has been my own fault. I came very close to losing my main during a lag spike (thank you ISP) while fighting Belial. He put his arms in the ground and after two explosions the world went silent, and my heart sank at the thought of what was about to come. My system did not recover until Belial had ended that attack phase and my Spirit Vessel debuff was on, so I knew I had come close.

If I had been playing any one of my alts it would have been the end for that hero. But, that thrill is why we are in Hardcore, and there will always be an element beyond our control. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Lore Text?

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Do you crave knowledge about the beasts that roam the wilds and the creatures that skitter about the darkness in the deepest reaches of the Burning Hells? Or maybe you yearn to know more about fallen heroes? Whispers and discarded texts tell of Sanctuary’s turbulent past. Scattered throughout the flooded causeways and burning embers are books of lore chronicling everything from the downfall of King Leoric to what little is known about the Archangels of the High Heavens.

For this week's community question, we want to find out: What’s your favorite piece of lore text that you’ve picked up while exploring the depths of Sanctuary?

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