All Rubies Will Use The New Calculations, Marquise Gems Make Gear Temporarily BoA, Blizzard's Philosophy on Dueling

All Rubies Will Use The New Calculations
To not get things more complicated with new calculations for higher Ruby tiers only - all rubies now use the new calculations!

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We've been listening to your feedback, and we agree it's weird for different rubies to function differently, especially if it’s hard to tell the difference. Based on this, we've decided that going forward, all rubies will use the new calculation noted below, and we’ll be buffing each ruby tier to account for the difference in calculation. We're still in the process of evaluating what we want the final numbers to be for patch 1.0.7 once it goes live, but our design philosophy remains that some but not all builds should prefer using rubies in the weapon slot.

The whole point of a PTR is to test things out, and we appreciate all the feedback so many of you have taken the time to write up. At the start of the PTR, Marquise Rubies were definitely looking stronger than we wanted initially, and as a result of the new calculation, we’ll likely have to further refine them so that we can get them to where we’d like Marquise Rubies to be.

Marquise Gems Make Gear Temporarily BoA
As you unsocket the gem the gear again becomes tradable.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

As noted in the patch 1.0.7 PTR patch notes, Marquise gems should be account-bound, although the designs for them are not account-bound.

There’s currently a bug on the PTR, however, that’s causing some slippery Marquise gems produced by Covetous Shen not to be account-bound. But we've had a chat with him, and those gems should become account-bound shortly as well – either in a future PTR build or once 1.0.7 launches.

(Note: Socketing a Marquise gem into an item will make that item temporarily account-bound. Once the gem is unsocketed, though, the item will no longer be bound.)

Blizzard's Philosophy on Dueling
A few posts were recently created on the PTR forums, regarding Dueling and damage reduction. Note that the posts were made before any damage reduction was introduced on the PTR.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We implemented dueling to provide interested players a way to battle each other -- no objectives, no scoring, just Nephalem against Nephalem. It was something the community has been asking for, and with additional PvP modes still in development we honestly didn't have a good reason to keep saying no.

Dueling isn't intended to be balanced, though, so don't expect a fair fight. That's not what dueling is about. There will probably be some match-ups in which you're one-shotted (this is a big reason why we have no permanent Hardcore deaths at the moment). There will also probably be some match-ups in which you one-shot other players. Your heroes are designed to kill things quickly and without mercy, and in this case those "things" just happen to be other heroes.

We don't anticipate that everyone will like dueling. That's fine. While some players might really love it and find it a cool challenge, we're okay if most people don't make it an integral part of their gaming experience. The system exists to give you the opportunity to obliterate your opponents in an environment designed explicitly for that purpose, but that's it -- and we feel it achieves that goal pretty well.

Now, we're still open to your feedback and will be keeping a close on eye on it throughout the PTR process. We're not opposed to making changes if they benefit the game; in fact, that's what a PTR is all about. In return, we just ask that you keep in mind the scope of what dueling is supposed to be, and that you give the system a fair shot before jumping to conclusions or making sweeping requests for buffs/debuffs/etc. Explore new builds, try out different tactics, and then let us know what you think. If we make changes, we want them to be informed, and that tends to work out best if the feedback you give us is also informed (i.e. not just a judgment based on only a few minutes of gameplay). :)

why not give a damage reduction for pvp. at least give every class the 30%
Like I said, we're not opposed to making changes, even ones along the lines of a universal damage debuff while in the dueling zone. The point of the PTR is to get feedback from players so we can make those kinds of tuning adjustments if necessary.

We've only got a few hours of feedback at the moment, though, and we'd like to get a better picture of what players' general experience has been before we start talking about possible changes. For example, I'm betting that a lot of players are still dueling in their farming builds, rather than something that's been refined and tailored for PvP-style combat -- which can make a difference. We also want to make sure that the people who are providing feedback understand what dueling is supposed to be (i.e. not a place you go to for super balanced battles).

May I ask why on earth did it take 8 months to release such an embarassment of a pvp mode? Seriously, you guys could have given this during the release... It's obvious very little time and effort was put into this system, yet it took this long to give the community such a simple pvp mode?? what a head scratcher.
We didn't spend 8 months on dueling. In fact, we had no plans to add dueling to the game until very recently, and that was both based on the community's consistent feedback as well as our decision to postpone the release of any additional PvP modes. You can read more about that here.

Reducing damage has nothing to do with balance, if damage is reduces for all characters. People just want to be able to fight longer and be able to use a skill more then once.
So a 80% damage reduction should be in order.
Some form of damage reduction is definitely on the table. Before we make any changes, though, we want to watch how players adapt to PvP combat. Dueling has only been available for few days, and we're already seeing new builds and strategies develop -- something which we'll need to consider when evaluating the possibility of blanket damage reduction (or any other tweak that would only affect the dueling world).

Either way, we don't want to compromise PvE gameplay for the sake of balancing dueling. We also don't want to put a lot of restrictions on dueling or create tons of architecture around the system. It's a relatively uncomplicated feature that's there for people take advantage of (if they want), not something that's intended to be regulated or become part of the core gameplay experience. Any changes we make would ultimately be framed by those goals, and it's possible we won't make very many adjustments as a result.

We're loving the feedback we're getting, though -- even the harsh criticisms. Keep it up!

The part that really pisses me off, is I had a thread suggesting they both make a PVP flag for 95% damage reduction vs players(this could be changed to 90% based on testing).
I set this thread up a month ago. They deleted the thread. I suppose, logic was too much of a troll for Blizzard to handle?
You mean this one that's still active?

It was a good read. Thanks for the feedback. :)


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