ProzaicMuze: Wizard Sleet Storm Build, Diablo Head Statue, Wizard Fan Art, Curse Weekly Roundup

ProzaicMuze: Wizard Sleet Storm Build
ProzaicMuze has another cool build for the community: Sleet Storm. This Wizard build relies heavily on frost spells and while it's also melee is pretty different from the standard Critical Mass builds. Check the videos below and give your feedback to his dedicated topic on our forums located here.

Diablo Head Statue
Deviant Art user, sculptor, painter and cosplayer VanLogan, has created this nice looking Diablo head statue. He was also recently featured by Blizzard themselves! Don't forget to also check out his gallery on Deviant for some more of his interesting projects.

Wizard Fan Art
This awesome Diablo 3 artwork featuring the Wizard was created by another Deviant Art user - petersen1973. He actually has a couple more nice Diablo pieces in his gallery, which you should absolutely check.

Curse Weekly Roundup
The Curse crew is back with another Weekly Roundup news about the industry, among which is the sad downfall of THQ. Check the video for more details.


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