Demon Hunter Legendary Items, "Leahblo" Fan Art, DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!

Demon Hunter Legendary Items
Forum member TryHardEnmity recently released a video showing what Legendary items are worth it for the Demon Hunter. In both price and usefulness! You can also talk about the video in the comments or the dedicated thread that Enmity has started over here.

"Leahblo" Fan Art
This nice piece of fan art depicting "Leahblo" was created by Deviant Art user bongbaba. See the full image by clicking on the picture below.

DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!
Don't forget about Diablofans' awesome loot giveaway! You can read the rules and how you can join in and get some of the glorious prizes from the picture below on this link.


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