Witch Doctor Budget Guide - 5 Million Gold, Wizard Cosplay, Demon Hunter Fan Art

Witch Doctor Budget Guide - 5 Million Gold
Forum "team" Cuckoogaming have posted a nice video guide for Witch Doctors with a starting budget of 5 million. In it you can see how much a Witch Doctor can accomplish with that gold and it turns out you can successfully survive MP7! Check out their thread located here.

In the first video you can see the item selection process, while in the second is the explanation of the builds used and a nice run of Monster Powers 1 through 7.

Wizard Cosplay
This nice costume was created by DeviantArt user EmilyRosa. She has a few more pictures up in her gallery, so don't forget to check them out as well. Click the picture below for bigger image.

Demon Hunter Fan Art
This Demon Hunter fan art was created by another member of DeviantArt - fxEVo. Click the image below for bigger size.


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