Wizard 1.0.5 Guide, Diablo Statue on Sale Now, Community Commentary: Share Your Treasures, Blue Posts, Poll: Which Act I Environ

Wizard 1.0.5 Guide
To compliment yesterday's budget guide TryHardEnmity has also created a nice Wizard guide updated for 1.0.5. Don't forget to also check out his topic located here.

Diablo Statue on Sale Now
The Sideshow statue of Diablo we reminded you about a few days ago has finally hit the shelves. It reaches 22" and is hand painted. You can get one for $349.99.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

The devil is in the details.

Blizzard Entertainment and Sideshow Collectibles are thrilled to announce the premiere of our newest premium polystone statue: Diablo.

Sculpted by the inimitable Brian Fay (who also crafted the Arthas Statue released earlier this year), this menacing maquette stands at an impressive 22 inches atop a scorched-earth base, poised to battle any who might attempt to interfere with the Lord of Terror's nefarious plans.

Hand-painted and finished with unique edition numbers, the Diablo Statue is the latest tantalizing masterpiece in Sideshow's 2012 line. To see more images of the final piece or to pre-order this limited-edition collectible (slated to ship in Spring 2013 at a suggested retail price of $349.99), head on over to Sideshow's website.

Community Commentary: Share Your Treasures
This week the Community Commentary talks about a topic on Reddit that asks players to share their most awesome drops.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes to Thunderclaww and "The Loot Thread of Awesomeness"over on /r/Diablo.

The way the Loot Thread of Awesomeness works is simple. Each week, members of the Diablo community are asked to share what rare and precious loot they've found within the depths of Sanctuary over the last seven days, along with the following details:
  • What Monster Power did the item drop on?
  • What was your Magic Find?
  • Who or what dropped it? (What creature, elite, boss, chest, or destructible dropped it?)
  • Where did it drop? (What Act and location?)
Since this feature's inception, hundreds of players have shared their best magical finds, including everything from Mighty Belts to a drool-worthy Vile Ward and Mempo of Twilight. And now we'd like to open up the question to you.

So, what shiny trinkets have you uncovered this week in Diablo III? Leave a comment below with your answers, or simply head on over to the original Reddit thread!

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzad (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

More on Dreamhack
All the people who signed up for the roundtable discussions were active players. Some of them had stopped playing a short while after release, but came back for Patch 1.0.4 and Patch 1.0.5 because they liked the Paragon system, the Monster Power system, and the Infernal Machine.

DreamHack is a large event however, so I had discussions with a lot of people outside of the roundtable discussions as well. Throughout the event, I talked to a lot of players as well as ex-players.

The players gave us a lot of great feedback on what they think we did right and what we did wrong with Diablo III, and they also shared a lot of thoughts and opinion on things they feel could improve the game.

The ex-players of course gave us a lot of solid feedback as well, mostly they were telling us why they no longer play Diablo III. There were many different reasons why depending on each person I talked to, but almost of all of them provided suggestions on what they feel must be changed, improved, or added to the game for them to start playing again.

And as a classic gamer... feel obliged to ask with all that feedback what are the Devs plans and when to expect new updates?
I'm afraid I have no new information I can share with you on this right now, but keep an eye out on our blogs for future updates. I believe there should be something interesting posted there soon :-) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Still No Info on PvP
Nothing wrong with being curious :-)

There is not much info available yet on how PvP will feel like in Diablo III, but I am sure that things should become more clear after the PvP blog has been posted... it should hopefully not be too long before it is ready:
https://twitter.com/...136341758402560 (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Latency in Australia Getting Better
Great to hear!
So does anyone have BigPond as an ISP? There looks to be other threads who are having issues when using this ISP. It would be good to confirm which ISP those who have seen improvement are using. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Arcane Beams
I feel like arcane beams are in a good place at the moment. In my experience they don’t hurt too bad, but require me to avoid them whenever possible. I tend to only get frustrated with them when I am in a confined space, and they are coupled with Waller. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Retrain Follower
If you right click on your follower's portrait in the upper left hand corner of your screen there is a "retrain" button just for this purpose. :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Poll: Which Act I Environment is Your Favorite?
A new series of polls for favorite Act environment has been created and this week players will be choosing their favorite environment in Act I. You can vote over on this link.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Your journey through Diablo III will lead you across a variety of environments. From corpse-laden fields, to festering underground passages, to windswept deserts and bustling metropolises, there are over 20 different landscapes your hero must brave in order to thwart the advances of the Burning Hells. Each environment has its own charm, and (of course) tells its own story.

Here are just a few examples:

But what we want to know is, out of all these locations, which one is your favorite? Not taking gameplay into consideration and looking simply at the aethestics, what zone or area do you like the most? And more importantly...why?

Since there are so many environments to choose from across the entire game, we're going to break this question down into four polls: one for each Act. This week, we focus on Act I.


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