Demon Hunter 1.0.5 Guide, Diablo Statue on Sale Next Week, Mike Morhaime Awarded Technical Entrepreneur of the Year, Curse Clien

Demon Hunter 1.0.5 Guide
To compliment yesterday's Budget Guide, forum member TryHardEnmity has recorded a video explaining to new things that came to Demon Hunters in 1.0.5, what stats they would need and some tips and how to be successful at them if you still haven't given them a good shot.

Diablo Statue on Sale Next Week
Back in July we gave a preview to an upcoming Diablo statue and next week it will finally be unleashed upon the world. It's created by Sideshow collectibles but not much more has been shared so far. Stay tuned to find out more in the coming days!

Mike Morhaime Awarded Technical Entrepreneur of the Year
President and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, Mike Morhaime, has been awarded the title Technical Enterepreneur of the year by the US Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program. You can see him at the bottom of this page. This is what the director of America's Director of the awards Bryan Pearch had to say about Morhaime:

“To use his words, Morhaime has unleashed his ‘inner geek,’ creating a cultural phenomenon that is unparalleled in the gaming industry. Morhaime brings a commitment to quality to his consumers and an inclusive work environment to his company, both of which have contributed to the immense success of Blizzard.”

Curse Client, Now with Minecraft World Saves
If you play Minecraft, you may be interested in the new features added to the Curse Client to help you back up, restore, and manage your save games, as well as the ability to store worlds and access them from anywhere.
  • Saved Worlds: Each world on your computer can be locally backed up for safe keeping! In addition to showing when a world was last backed up, the "More Info" tab will show you your health, level, and the number of items in your inventory, as well as give you the ability to share your world's seed with a simple click to copy option. Any saves listed on this screen can be restored.
  • Quicksave: At regular intervals or at your choosing, the Client will create a quicksave of any given world. If you manage to fall into some lava, have a creeper destroy all your hard work, or just want to go on an NPC rampage without there being consequences, the Quick Saves will have you covered. Just click to restore the world back to its previous state!
  • Saved World Sync: Any Curse Premium member will additionally have the ability to sync any world to the cloud, allowing you to download your world to any PC without the hassle!
In honor of Minecon 2012, Curse is going to be opening up the premium Minecraft features of the Curse Client to everyone! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you'll be able to sync your worlds to the cloud and download them to other PCs.


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