1.0.5 Undocumented Changes, Blue Posts, Curse Weekly Roundup

Update: We've added and/or removed some of the changes thanks to feedback from our comenters.

1.0.5 Undocumented Changes
There have been a lot of undocumented changes reported by the community, so we gathered them up into a nice post with some pretty pictures! Some of them are not confirmed and we're also likely missing others, so if you do know about something not mentioned in the list or would like to confirm a change has not actually happened, please do so in the comments below.
  • Wizard's Familiar no longer attacks when casting town portal
  • When you sell items on the RMAH and select the Paypal Option, the game remembers your choice
  • Demon Hunters received 2 new auras: Blue one indicating Boar companion is active and a Red one indicating Bat companion is active
  • Overpower has a new, much louder sound
  • The sounds for identifying items and casting Town Portal are now different
  • Watch Tower has had its layout changed, with the 2 levels now in comparable size. Chest at the end is now longer guaranteed and there are fewer Elite packs spawning
  • The skeletons on the Jar of Souls event no longer die out when the event completes
  • The Witch Doctor rune Manitou now also attacks destructible objects
  • When Arcane Enchanted enemies are defeated orbs that haven't still evolved into arcane beams despawn

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Items Being Duped
As noted in this sticky, the integrity of Diablo III is incredibly important to us, and we are dedicated to ensuring the game remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. If you have knowledge of a possible exploit, hack, bot, or scam, the best way to inform us is by emailing our hacks team at [email protected] or by completing the Hacks Report web form. We also ask that you refrain from posting information or instructions on how to use potential exploits on the forums.

We take reports of any potential exploit, hack, bot, or scam very seriously – and while not every reported exploit we look into turns out to be a real concern, we appreciate everyone’s help in keeping us informed of possible issues as they arise. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Curse Weekly Roundup
The gaming world has been overwhelmed by Halloween and to give you the exact details on that is this week's Curse Weekly Roundup. Check the video for lots of info on World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, League of Legends and many, many more games.


  • #1 arconic
    well that would probably explain why i haven't seen the watchtower since the patch.
  • #2 Freezard
    Different sounds for identify and town portal.
    Explosion range of the Possessed and family visible.
    For some people (like me), FPS drops in Rakkis Crossing and vs Maghda.

  • #3 DenkaSaeba25
    Overpower makes a new reset sound, much more loud.
  • #4 Angzt
    Not only has the Watchtower been moved but it had its layout changed as well:
    Before the patch, the first level was tiny and only contained a shrine and 2-3 trash packs while the second level always had a resplendent chest and up to 6 (from my experience) elite/champion packs.
    Now, both levels are evenly sized and each of them tends to contain 1-3 packs. The resplendent chest is no longer guaranteed.

    Because of this and the new, much longer way from the waypoint to the Watchtower it's nowhere near as good a farming spot as it used to be...
  • #5 Bananaramaaah
    three of these things can be found in the patchnotes:

    -events got unique monsters added - this was in the notes. they did it, because an event would otherwise grant 2 stacks, i think.
    -character reordering - this was in the notes.
    -watchtower relocation - this was in the notes (but it had to be posted about, because i think a lot of people read over it and are still searching northern highlands)

    thanks for the news
  • #6 Lithium112
    There is another change which I think is not listed in the patchnotes (correct me if I'm wrong, but I could not find it):

    When in game, in the upper right corner of the screen, the game now displays you difficulty level (along with monster level when enabled)

    the monster power is obviously new, but the difficulty level wasn't there before, i'm certain!
  • #7 djlard
    Yeah that new Fan of Knives is nerfed. It is less effective, because it makes only one hit...

    Another unwritten changes:

    -There is your banner in single player (even if it is for nothing) on the really bad place.
    -Jar of Souls event is 100% guaranted in one tomb
    -When Jar of Souls finish its time, rest of skeletons are not automatically slain.
    -Vendors in act1 are bugged or something, because sometimes they have only weapons and repair (inferno)
    -There still can drop items ilvl 57 in inferno.
  • #8 DenkaSaeba25
    Quote from djlard

    -Jar of Souls event is 100% guaranted in one tomb

    No, this is not true. It's more that Jar of Souls or the other event is a 100% guaranteed event.
  • #9 SpNiz
    I've gotten ilvl 57 follower item, both scoundrel and templar. And a 54 enchantress ilvl item..
  • #10 Rvo2099
    Witch Doctor's Corpse Bomb now shows the explosion radius too.
  • #11 duckwilliamson
    Chargers now throw forward a light blue graphic warning where they're charging (saved my life in HC in inferno ice caves as he was charging from off screen).
  • #12 Kinch
    Witch Doctor rune Manitou (spirit barrage) now destroys environment objects such as barrels, doors, etc.
  • #13 overneathe
    Thanks a lot for all of these guys. What we've managed to confirm we've added on top. And if a screenshot was possible we added one as well!

    Could you perhaps throw a screenshot of that? Can't seem to find that blue light. :
  • #14 fer
    so where is the new watchtower? i wonder if i cant find it or it is not spawning for me... Still northern highlands i suppose?
  • #15 overneathe
    Quote from fer

    so where is the new watchtower? i wonder if i cant find it or it is not spawning for me... Still northern highlands i suppose?

    It's in Southern Highlands, but that was mentioned in the patch notes. :)
    You'll find it along the ridges of the zones, exactly how it was in the Northern Highlands.
  • #16 asdfywea
    Well, i noticed that arcane enchanted, if they cast an arcane beam and die before it starts spinning, the beam disappears. I'm not sure if it also disappears when is already spinning, haven't kept an eye out for that really
  • #17 StuRedman
    Vendors do not sell trinkets (rings and ammis) anymore.
  • #18 Axi21
    The different runes of Electrocute of the wizard have more distinct colors (they used to all be the same)
    The different runes of evasive fire (DH) look slightly different.
  • #19 overneathe
    Quote from StuRedman

    Vendors do not sell trinkets (rings and ammis) anymore.

    I've noticed a few people mention this but I haven't had the "luck" of finding it for myself. Every time I check vendors in Inferno they always sell their rings and amulets. Could you tell me the specific vendor you've noticed?
  • #20 Freezard
    One more thing: When the jailer effect has worn out or you break out of it through a skill, a sound is now played.
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