Lore Books Now Colored Light Blue, Diablo 3 for Just $9.99, Diablo Drawing by MrKonda91, Curse Weekly Roundup

Lore Books Now Colored Light Blue
Blizzard has changed the color of lore books you find in houses and strange places in Diablo 3 from green to light blue. Now you won't be getting small heart attacks when one drops thinking it might be a set! Thanks to mrachins on Reddit for finding that out and providing a screenshot.

Diablo 3 for Just $9.99
Toys'R'Us are having a promotion that might help some of the yet undecided people about finally getting Diablo 3. The store has lowered the price way down to $9.99! The promotion might also sound good for those wanting some more stash space. Check the link for more information.

Diablo Drawing by MrKonda91
The official @Diablo Twitter account caught wind of this amazing video by YouTube user MrKonda91, where he draws Diablo himself. Check it out below, it's very worth it!

Curse Weekly Roundup
Evan and Pico return this week to give us the latest in Curse gaming.


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