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Talk of New Shrines and Enlightenment Shrines in Inferno Some players on the official forums were giving ideas of possible new shrines. Vaflare hit the forums to say just today that they were talking about possible new shrines as well as adding the +exp shrine into Inferno (Something we asked about in our 1.0.4 interview).
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[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']Thanks for the feedback!

We actually talked about introducing additional Shrine types in the future during a meeting we had earlier today. We’re also currently discussing the possibility of adding the Enlightenment Shrine into Inferno mode since the +XP bonus would be particularly appealing to players working towards their Paragon levels.

More on Crowd Control
[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']what happens when the player uses a hard cc? is it reduced?
The following CC types will be affected by diminishing returns (and, in turn, will increase a monster's CC resistance):
  • Blind, Freeze, Stun, Charm, and Fear
  • Environmental CC effects (e.g. falling chandeliers)
  • Item-based CC (e.g. Chance to Blind/Fear/Freeze/Stun on Hit)
This applies for followers, as well.

This is blizzard, where snares are not considered cc in diminishing returns calculations.
Correct. Movement speed slows, knockbacks, snares, chills from Cold damage won't be affected by DR or add to a monster's CC resistance.

Speaking more specifically, movement slows are handled differently than CC (this is because of persistent area effects that slow monsters who walk through them, like Caltrops). While it makes sense to reduce the duration of a stun, for example, it doesn't make sense to reduce the "duration" of the slow from Caltrops because the slow affects you for as long as you're in the area of effect.

So, movement speed slows are instead reduced in effectiveness at higher difficulty levels. Since we're buffing other forms of CC, what we're currently experimenting with internally (this is all still under development) is reducing how much we penalize movement slows. Specifically, in Inferno, slows are reduced by 40% (e.g. a 60% movement slow is reduced to a 36% movement slow). We are experimenting with a 25% reduction instead. So, a 60% movement slow would be reduced to a 45% movement slow.

Blue Posts
[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']Server Maintenance - 9/7 We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Friday, September 7th. Maintenance will begin at 5:00 AM PDT and is expected to last for 1 hour. During this time, all servers and many web services will be unavailable. Thank you for your patience. (Official Forums)

Hardcore Gear Lost Forever
I think that being able to have the gear of an old character drop at a REALLY low chance would be kinda cool, but only if it was in a way where the gear was not usable for you and bound to the account. This saves it from being a way that you can get old gear back, and just makes it so that you can be sentimental about a lost character :)

A very cool concept especially if the item had a tag on it like, "Belonged to [Charactername]" or something of the sort. (Official Forums)

Hydra and Zombie Dogs Confirmed Working With Magic Find
Gather your Hydras and ready your Zombie Dogs! I just wanted to follow up to let you know that we have thoroughly reviewed these reports, and after running internal tests, we have confirmed that the Hydra and other pets are properly using the player’s MF when they land the killing blow.

Keep in mind that if you encounter anything in game which you believe may be a bug, the quickest way to ensure that the proper people know about it is to post a report in the Bug Report Forum. That way, the bug report can be looked into ASAP.

So can I put my tin foil hat away now then?
It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask if something might be bugged, and we’re more than happy to investigate to make sure that something didn’t slip past us. :)

But… in so far as tin foil hats go, you’re welcome to safely store yours away for the moment. Might I suggest reforging it into a tin foil origami crane? Or maybe a raptor if you’re feeling ambitious? (WTB photos of tin foil animals.) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Those Poor Followers
I think that they were glad to offer their services to support the hero on their quests and adventures in any way they could, and I’m sure that they, like Tyrael, indeed yearned to join in the fight. They also had their own stories -- some of which were resolved in-part by the end of Diablo III, while others were left open. But I also think that part of the hero’s journey is realizing that some fights must be tackled and overcome alone, and in this case, only your hero was strong enough to push forth and face the Prime Evil mano-a-mano. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Final Issue of Sword of Justice Now Available
[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']From the explosive team of Aaron Williams (North 40) and famed French artist Joseph Lacroix (L'Encyclopédie du mal) comes Diablo: Sword of Justice.
A horrific plague of madness is spreading throughout the Dreadlands, transforming its victims into bloodthirsty savages. The only hope of stopping the affliction before it consumes humanity may lie with Jacob, a wanted fugitive whose destiny is bound up with Archangel Tyrael's legendary Sword of Justice.
In this final issue, Jacob and the wizard Shanar gain a new ally in their quest to save Staalbreak. Their journey takes them to the depths of the demonic infestation in the ruins of Mount Arreat.

Pick up a copy to see how this series ends, as Staalbreak's future is in Jacob's hands:
DC Comics on Comixology
Local Comic Retailers
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Is Act 1 Worth Farming?
What act do you farm for all your gear? Do you always farm Act 3, or do you ever jump back down to act 1 for the fast/easy run?

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']I'd have to agree with the other here, it totally depends on your gear and your expectations, IMO. There's lots to take into consideration. If you're happy for a higher degree of difficulty, which in turn means you'll kill things slower and may end up with a larger repair bill — but have a better chance of finding nice loot — then maybe it's time for the next Act.


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