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Update: Game Creation Limit has been temporarily removed.

Game Creation Limited
Blizzard has created a limit for the number of games you can create before waiting 10 to 15 minutes.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']10:00 PM PDT- After looking into some reports from players it seems the limit may have not been working exactly as intended. Working properly you really shouldn't see it, even in fairly normal 'farming' conditions, or reasonable amounts of character swapping. We're shutting off the limitations off until we can take a better look at it tomorrow.


We've recently added a limit to the number of games a player can create within a certain amount of time. Players who hit this limit will see the error: "Input limit reached. Please wait to perform more actions." After receiving this error, you will need to wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes before creating any additional games.

This change was made to help reduce server strain and improve overall game stability, and we'll continue to monitor the situation and make additional improvements as necessary. We're currently working to find a solution that allows most players who are playing normally to create games without encountering this error, but will still limit some of the more extreme cases of rapid game creation. We appreciate your patience as we make these adjustments.

Thank you

Any reason why blizz felt the need to exclude this "feature" in the patch notes?
It was an independent change made outside of patch 1.0.2c.

I appreciate the quick response. Any plan in motion to include a counter of some type so players can monitor/maintain their amount of games allowed. I assume it would be similar to WoW dungeon resetting?
While I'm not sure about a game counter, we will be updating the message players receive when they experience the limit to be way more descriptive. We also haven't communicated the actual limit at this time because we're still working to adjust it. Our goal (as noted in the main post) isn't to arbitrarily penalize players who are playing normally, but to help curb the more rapid game creation we've seen that can really impact performance. That will take some iteration.

We may provide an update in the future with more precise numbers once we've reached a good balance, but we'd like to fine tune the current limit a bit more before we do that (simply because it isn't yet set in stone at this point). We know that information is valuable to you.

Real-Money Auction House Now Live
In case you missed the earlier news, the RMAH is now live. Blizzard has posted a little blog on the subject.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']The Diablo® III real-money auction houseis now available in the Americas game region for the U.S. dollar, Australian dollar, and Mexican peso. With the real-money auction house, players will be able to buy and sell the loot they find in the game using actual currency via approved third-party payment services or using their® Balance.

The real-money auction house for the Europe game region and the remaining Americas game region currencies (Chilean peso, Argentine peso, and Brazilian real) will launch in the near future. We are rolling out elements of the real-money auction house separately to ensure all of our players have the smoothest possible experience. We'll have more information on the availability of the European real-money auction house and the remaining Americas currencies soon

To access the real-money auction house, click on the "Auction House" button on the left-hand side of the campaign screen, and then on the button showing your region's currency in the upper right-hand corner of the auction house interface. This will switch you between the gold- and real-money auction houses. This will switch you between the gold- and real-money auction houses. Latin American players will have access to trade using the United States dollar, Australia dollar and Mexican peso.

Before you get started, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Regional Auction Houses and Global Play
Players will only have access to the real-money auction house while playing in their home game region (Americas or Europe only), and characters created outside of your home region will not be able to buy, sell, or use items from any real-money auction house. Your home game region, along with which real-money auction houses you have access to, are determined by the country of residence registered to your® account. By default, will automatically determine the most appropriate real-money auction house for you, but players in some regions may be able to access auction houses for additional currencies in their region via the in-games Options menu.

Account Security Requirements
We also wanted to remind you of a few important security measures you'll be required to use in order to access certain real-money auction house features:
  • Players who wish to use Balance to buy and sell items will need to attach a physical Authenticator Mobile Authenticator app (Google Play, iTunes, Blackberry) to their account. Specifically, an Authenticator is required in order to charge up your Balance through account management or to select Balance as the destination for your auction proceeds.
  • Those who wish to use PayPal™ (available in certain regions) to buy items or receive the proceeds of their auctions will need to sign up for our SMS Protect service. With SMS Protect, you'll occasionally receive a text message on your mobile phone when making PayPal-related transactions; this message contains a code that you must then enter to proceed with your transaction.
Even if you don't plan on using the real-money auction house, we encourage everyone to consider adding these extra layers of protection to their account.

The real-money auction house will initially launch with equipment trading only (i.e., weapons, armor, and other such gear) -- we'll bring commodities online as soon as possible. As mentioned earlier, we want to make sure that commodity trading remains quick, stable, and reliable. The team is hard at work on this, and we’ll provide another update once commodities are ready.

Item Delivery and "Processing" Purchases
Occasionally, players may have to wait for a period of time before an item or any commodities they purchased in the real-money auction house arrives in their "Completed" tab. While we expect a majority of real-money auction house purchases to be delivered to buyers immediately, in some circumstances, we will need to hold items for delivery while we conduct a review of the transaction. Held items will show as “Processing” until the review is complete.

To learn more about the auction house system (including how to select your currency), check out the comprehensive Auction House Guide and Auction House FAQ.

Using Balance and PayPal with RMAH
With the RMAH going live today, there's a lot take in. Blizzard has posted a quick informative post on using the balance and PayPal with the RMAH.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']When selling or buying an item for the first time on the real-money auction house, please note that the in-game prompts you receive may in some cases not direct you to the appropriate destination web page to add an Authenticator or attach a PayPal account. We’ve highlighted these cases below and provided the appropriate locations to visit in order to attach an Authenticator for use with Balance or to set up a PayPal account.

Players without an Authenticator who wish to use Balance:
When attempting to sell an item on the real-money auction house for the first time, players who have not attached an Authenticator to their account or set up PayPal for use with the real-money auction house will be automatically directed to the website to set up a PayPal account (

If players prefer to use Balance as the destination for their auction house proceeds (instead of PayPal), they will first need to attach a physical Authenticator or Mobile Authenticator app to their account. To attach an Authenticator to your account, visit: You can also charge up your Balance at this location.

Players with an Authenticator who wish to use PayPal:
Players who already have an Authenticator attached to their account and wish to use PayPal as the destination for their auction house proceeds but have *not* yet set up PayPal specifically for use with the real-money auction house will not be automatically redirected to the PayPal setup page as they should be. Please note that players will also need to set up SMS Protect on their account in order to use PayPal with the real-money auction house.

To set up PayPal for use with the real-money auction house, visit:

To learn more about the real-money auction house, check out the Auction House Guide and Auction House FAQ.

Auto-Join for General Chat Temporarily Disabled
Though patch 1.0.3 will save our chat preferences, it looks like the auto-joining of general chat has been disabled by a hotfix. This comes as great news for most.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']To help reduce server load and improve overall stability, we have temporarily disabled the auto-join functionality for General chat in all regions. Until further notice, if you wish to join General chat, you can type "/join General" into the chat window or click on the cogwheel in the upper left corner to access the Join Public Chat menu. We will provide another update whenever auto-join for General chat is turned back on for each region.

Please note that we will also be making a change with patch 1.0.3 so that if you leave General chat once, the game will remember this preference and you will not automatically join General chat again when logging in. While we don't yet have a date to share for this patch, we anticipate that it will be released before the end of the month.

Gold Duping
[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='' battle='']to all the fayboys out there claiming there is no proof. There had to have been more of you watching the same livestream as I was, were you saw excactly how they did it, the guy was up to like 3 billion gold in no time
We haven't deployed any hot fixes this evening. As far as we can tell the supposed exploit never worked, but we'll continue looking into it. Yes, changing the system clock can change auction times, but that doesnt dupe gold. It's pretty easy to see how much gold people have, and we have no indication anyone has/had that much.

K, I'm watching the stream. Go ahead and do it.

Alright, so as stated he didn't try the dupe on the stream, so I guess everyone claiming otherwise is ... pleasantly mistaken? His friend claims it worked, which is great, but obviously the photos floating around are shopped. I appreciate the repro steps, and the belief that server lag is secret hotfixes. As I said we'll continue investigating.

How do people witness something live when the people who claim to have done the glitch said they never did it live?

Bashiok I witnessed first hand Stormshields with ridiculous buyouts of 300+ Million going to Sold. I mean maybe someone with legitimately earned millions of gold decided to buy crappy Stormshields for that much (multiples of them), but I'm betting it was them using the exploit. If you guys can check for stormshields sold recently for more than 150 million gold you will see the guy buying it and can check his account.
Yeah, I mean could be something funny is going on, we'll continue looking into it. This lag=hotfix and live duping on a stream is just clearly not credible, and people are trying to claim it is. We're fully interested in tracking down any issues, as always, though.

um he just showed 140 billion gold live.... good job Bashiok
Not sure if serious. They were laughing at the photoshop people thought was legit.

Blue Posts
Some important blue posts about the RMAH mixed in.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard']More on Melee
Not to dismiss your efforts in quelling the melee uprising, but do you see how this response does nothing to address our concerns that the gap between melee and ranged is not actually being closed but being made worse?
What I quoted isn't intended to fully address the concerns expressed in the main post. I am, however, just trying to get a feel if the poster is aware of all the information out there about upcoming changes. The patch 1.0.3 preview was mentioned, but Wyatt's follow-up was not. Knowing where a player is coming from (and what information he or she is using to form an opinion) is incredibly helpful, and gives us a better understanding of the feedback being provided and how to go about acting on it, if necessary.
(That make sense?)

Fair enough.To be clear, my comment wasn't meant as a jab. It was a genuine question
/respekt knuckles
Keep in mind (re: Wyatt's post) that increasing melee survivability should also help increase their damage output over time. At least, that's the goal, and we're always open to additional feedback on how we can better bridge the gap between melee and ranged. In the end, it may require some iteration, but discussions like this are definitely appreciated. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Gold VS Real Money Value
... the amount of gold in the system won't affect the value of real world currency. You'd just need more gold to equal some amount of currency. We want gold to be worth something because we think it will create a better game experience, but the market (you guys) will dictate its value against real world currency. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Canceling Auctions
It would be a lot better if we could cancel our auction sales at any time, does any one else agree? I'd like to see this implemented.
We're already planning to allow players the option to cancel their auctions at any point provided the auction doesn't have any active bids. This may not make patch 1.0.3, but it's definitely something we want to do.

An option to accept the highest active bid, as an alternative to cancelling, would be great. That would allow for quicker sales and for us to "cancel" less important auctions without cheating people who had already bid on our item.

I'm not worried about cancelling auctions for stuff I'm selling, but I wold like to be able to withdraw bidding on an item if I've been outbid, or if the item's been bought out by someone else, so it's not cluttering up my window.

If you are allowed to cancel an auction you should pay a fee for doing so.

Good (and interesting) feedback for us to consider. I'll make sure to pass it along. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

RMAH Zip Code Requirement

If you are experiencing payment failures when attempting to buy or sell items in the real-money auction house, please make sure that you have entered a valid zip code for both the contact address and shipping address associated with your account. If you do not have a zip code entered, the real-money auction house will be unable to process your payment or request to cash out.

To verify your account information, log into Account Management and then navigate to the Settings > Contact & Shipping Addresses page. From there, click on "Edit Contact Address" or "Edit Shipping Address" to add or update your zip code. Once you’ve completed these steps, please log out of the Diablo III game client and back in.

If you continue to experience payment failures while using the real-money auction house after you have entered a zip code, please visit our support site for assistance and additional troubleshooting. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

RMAH Resources
The Diablo III real-money auction house is now available in the Americas for certain currencies. To access the real-money auction house, click on the "Auction House" button on the left-hand side of the campaign screen, and then on the button showing your region's currency in the upper right-hand corner of the auction house interface.

To learn more about the real-money auction house, be sure to check out the resources below:

Announcements and Updates: Troubleshooting Information: Additional Information: (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Diablo III - Race to the Finish: Creative Machinima
There are only 2 days left for the Creative Machinima Contest. If you have been debating if you wanted to enter, now is the time! All videos must be entered into the contest thread before June 15th. Click the banner for full details.


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