Diablo 3 is Coming! The Massive Recap

The Diablo III Massive Information Recap
With little over one day to go, now is the best time to catch up on all the information out there about Diablo III that you might have missed! Everyone has have been hard at work putting this massive recap together; Scyberdragon, Overneathe, CherubDown, and Doomscream have done a lot of work getting this set up. Even if you know all about the game, there can easily be Blizzcon videos, trailers, pictures or many other things you may not have seen or have forgotten about!

Keep in mind this could be a bit of a spoiler to some. For example the final boss of the game was announced last year in an official interview. Information like that is placed without spoiler warnings. Monster Affixes is also listed in the Monster section. Other than that, any spoilers require you to click on a picture to see.

Diablo III - The Classes
Diablo III has only one returning class type - the Barbarian. The other four are new to Diablo III. Click the pictures below to get loads of information on each, such as facts, lore, rune skills, and other videos!

Diablo III - The Followers
The Followers are companions to the player which help him in combat with different skills and buffs. In their article you can find details about their stats, equipment, dialogue and videos for each.

Diablo III - The World
Same as the previous game, Diablo III will have 4 acts. The worlds are randomized just as Diablo II was with the exception of towns and major quest locations. Clicking on the areas will give you information on acts, locations, and level generation. Monsters will give you what we currently know about monsters, affixes and bosses. Quests will explain Blizzard's intentions with the questing system and give a summery of all known quests so far.

Diablo III - Items and the Auction House
Diablo III introduces a feature which hasn't been explored much in the gaming world - a Real Money Auction house, where you can buy and sell items from the game for real currency. Apart from that is a standard Gold Auction House. We've also included a huge summary of information about the Items in the game.

Diablo III - Game systems and Modes
Diablo III has many core changes from Diablo II. Skill and Runes particularly have had many changes made quite recently, which might have confused a lot of people. This can be fixed in our Skill and Runes article. Crafting is almost entirely new to the franchise and you can learn all about it by clicking on the picture below. Magic Find includes lots of information about the popular stat and the new buff called Nephalem Valor. There is also major info on Multiplayer, PvP, Difficulties and the Hardcore mode.

Diablo III - Story and Achievements
We've included a small summary of the Diablo's storyline so far, plus lots of videos of all cinematics and information about books involved with the game. Also an important note, unlike the other articles the achievements is not so much a recap, as it is a FULL LIST, so SPOILER WARNING


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