Cyclone Strike Runed, Two Jay Wilson Interviews, Blue Posts

Official BradyGames Diablo 3 Strategy Guide Preview
In case you missed it. Earlier today we were able to get some screenshots of the official Diablo III strategy guide for the iPad. There is a lot of information to see in the very few slides, such as Inferno monster HP and attack values along with some other spoiler type information. Make sure to take a look.

Diablo III Monk - Cyclone Strike Runed
A quick video just showing off the base graphic for each rune of " - Cyclone Strike Cyclone Strike"
NOTE: I switched the name of " - Wall of Wind Wall of Wind" and " - Soothing Breeze Soothing Breeze" due to a possible bug. The effects seem to match x200 better this way. so, keep that in mind.

Second PlayersCut Interview with Jay Wilson
PlayersCut has just posted their second interview with Jay Wilson. He talks a little bit about how hard each difficulty was for him, along with a bit on character customization. As always, you can view the quick bullet point summary for those in a hurry or who can't watch the video. Video below the quote.

DiabloFans Quote:

  • Jay did not do any voice acting for Diablo III. (He has done death screams in the past.)
  • Jay did not have to get too involved with sound. The team just did an amazing job on their own.
Difficulties - Normal to Hell
  • Majority of Diablo players just play through normal, have a great time, and then are done.
  • For the more core players, nightmare is where it starts, thought most might feel inferno is where it will truly starts.
  • Jay says he can get through nightmare in less than 10 deaths.
  • Hell depends on his current character build.
  • Jay Wilson states that he can not clear less than half of act 1 without less than 10 deaths.
  • He states that in Inferno if you find a really hard pack, you are not really able to skip them, while in nightmare and hell you can kind of just move around them.
Character Customization
  • They had character customization in for the Barbarian at one point. He had about 8 or 9 different hair styles along with other changes. But you could not tell when he was covered with armor. It was just a lot of work for something that had very little benefit.
  • The player puts effort into selecting this look that they never really end up seeing it and its delaying the player getting into the game.
  • One of the things they liked about Diablo II was that you picked your character and hit start and go!
Mac Client and Languages
  • If they see a demand for more supported languages for the mac client, they will add them!
Other / Random
  • Starting at about 6:00 they show Jay Wilson getting a picture of him as a Barbarian! Check it out.

AusGamers' Jay Wilson Interview
AusGamers had a great interview with Jay Wilson. Touching on some hot topics such as game difficulty, PvP, post launch support, and much much more. We have a quick bullet point summary for those that don't wish to read the full interview. You can find the video after the quote. (A full text version can be found here.)

DiabloFans Quote:

  • Gameplay was finished a few weeks ago. Minor stability tweaking still in the works.
  • There's already a planned patch for technical support and balance tweaks. Also the PVP patch is in development. Both patches already have target dates, but we still aren't 100% sure on what the patches will include and so the dates might shift with time.
  • We felt like PvP needs its time, it needs its time where it’s the only priority, so that’s why we chose to kind of push it off.
  • I don’t see it slipping out of this year at all, and I think it’ll be much sooner.
  • A lot of the times I think our audience is like “Why don’t you give us more information?” and the truth is, because we change our minds, as we get more information.
  • We say “this is what we’re going to do”, and then we go and try it and it doesn’t work. So we change it, and now we’ve lied.
Game Difficulty
  • Co-op difficulty, by stats, is actually higher than in Diablo II, even in the Beta.
  • We didn’t put the beta out there to test game difficulty, we put the beta out to test our hardware.
  • I can honestly say, that the end-game of Diablo III is way more challenging than Diablo II; way more.
  • When you get into Inferno for the first time, if you haven’t spent time in Hell, just farming for gear, you will get crushed.
  • We have encounters in the Inferno mode, where we will die a dozen times trying to take a rare down.
  • We also have enraged timers, where if you don’t kill the monsters in a certain amount of time, they enrage and then they do massive damage.
  • The level of difficulty on Inferno is so high that a lot of people on the dev team can’t test it very effectively. So we’ve actually had to use a specialty group within. We formed a specific strike-team, just for end-game. And their goal was to tell us that this was a challenging and compelling experience.
  • If there is demand there will be a Linux version.
Estimate Time to Ever Shut Down the Servers
  • There are no future plans of ever taking the servers down. The original Diablo's servers are still up after 15 years.
Possibility for HD Versions of the Older Games
  • Everything’s possible. But the group that would do that, is the same group that is working on Diablo III. So we'll need to stop working on Diablo III. We’d delay the PvP patch or potential expansions.
AusGamers: A suggestion: DoTAish crossover -- Diablo III/Torchlight II.
Jay: Torchlight II versus Diablo? Sounds like a fun call, needs to happen.

Blue Posts

Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

$250 limit is way too small We have a cap in place for multiple reasons, most of which are related to legal and security concerns. It's a flexible cap, though, and we could very likely adjust it as we monitor the RMAH service and how people are using it. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

ATI Drivers Reminder
If you're using ATI's Catalyst 12.4 release, you need to revert to an earlier version. 12.4 isn't going to be supported for use in Diablo III. (Source)

Book of Cain Fully Localized for Europe
Take heed, and bear witness to the truths that lie within, for they are the last legacy of the Horadrim.

If you’re a Diablo lore enthusiast, we have some exciting news for you: the Book of Cain is now fully localized and available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, as well as the original English.

This captivating tome is beautifully presented with aged manuscript-style pages, and comes complete with a separate map of the world of Sanctuary. Starting with a moving farewell letter to his adopted daughter Leah, scholar Deckard Cain has carefully recounted both lore and legend — including his own first-hand knowledge — supported by many intricate illustrations and diagrams.

Study all that is written within these pages. All the work of my life, I now bequeath to you. I know not what in the writings is vital or what is offal. It is a compendium of knowledge collected throughout hundreds of years by adventurers, purveyors of dark arts, Horadric scholars, and madmen. Inside is information that will aid you in confronting the dark days that lie ahead.

For more examples of Deckard Cain’s opus, feel free to read the first chapter, which is fully localized in German, French, Spanish, Italian, as well as the original English version. You can also find more information about the Book of Cain on GosuGamers, one of our official fansites.

For more information on purchasing the Book of Cain, check here for the German, French, Spanish, Italian and the original English version. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blizzard Activities at the Official Diablo III Launch Events
The Diablo III launch is just a few weeks away! We are pleased to announce the activities that you can enjoy at the official launch events taking place across Europe on the night of May 14/15.

Visit the official launch website to find out about the activities that will be happening at each event, and much more! You can also learn which Blizzard developer will be there to sign your shiny copies of Diablo III once the clock strikes midnight. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) Forum Changes
In preparation for the Diablo III launch we’ll be performing the following forum changes next Tuesday, May 8:
  • Wiping the Technical Support and Mac Technical Support forum
  • Introducing a new Bug Report forum, which will be marked read only until May 15
  • Beta Feedback and Beta Bug Report forums will be removed
  • Adding Games, Entertainment and Technology forums
  • Adding a Hardcore forum
If the forums being removed have any specific stickies or threads you’d like to archive or reference before then, please be sure to do so before next Tuesday. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Class Progression Charts
A couple of days ago, I was browsing the /r/Diablo community on Reddit (I can't help myself), and I stumbled across some cool progression charts posted by LordNewt that map out the number and type of unlocks each class receives per level up until 60. I thought to myself "Hey! These are pretty snazzy!" and, since I like sharing snazzy things, I figured I'd post them here.

Check'm out:

If you're looking for a little more detail than these charts, be sure to look over the "Progression" tab for each class in the . In addition to these fun charts, they're an excellent point of reference for all the cool stuff you can look forward to unlocking on your characters. In addition to these fun charts, they're an excellent point of reference for all the cool stuff you can look forward to unlocking on your characters. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Hero Rise Fan Art
I'll just leave this here. /sips squishee (Source)

Our #HeroesRise fan art gallery has tons of amazing stuff, but I just saw this one ... and woah! http://reveal.diablo...most_liked/5133 (Source)

Console Its Own Product In Many Ways
Hi Jay, on the topic of multiple control schemes. If having 2 is the worst thing you could do, does console use mouse/board?
oooh, you got me! We'll cancel that console thing right away! /sarcasm (Source)
Better way to think of it: console would only have one control scheme because it would be its own product in many ways.(Source)

10 days....


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