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The Sword of Justice Comic Book Giveaway
Today we started our Sword of Justice comic book giveaway! Make sure to check out the official thread for information on how to enter! This contest will end Saturday, April 28th at 11:59PM EDT.

Unlock #6 - The Order
Explore this chilling excerpt from The Order, an upcoming novel recounting Deckard Cain's struggles against the forces of evil alongside his mysterious young charge, Leah. This story takes place years before the event of Diablo III.

[blizzquote author='Blizzard' battle='http://reveal.diablo3.com/en_US/']Cain smelled something foul like rotten meat. Another room loomed through an archway before him, pitch black inside. He heard movement and a low, guttural snarl accompanied by the scraping of rock. Feeling exposed in the candlelight, he flattened himself against the wall and moved as quietly as a ghost to a corner between two bookcases.

The thing that emerged from the archway was so huge and incomprehensible that at first Cain had trouble processing the sight of it. It appeared to be made of human limbs and torsos all rolled together, along with a forest of jutting spikes of what looked like rock and timber. Two long arms ended in clubs rather than hands and sprouted the same shards of wood and stone. At least three separate heads grew from putrid, swollen flesh, white-filmed eyes rolling blindly in their sockets.

The monstrosity moved slowly and laboriously, and it had to duck to clear the arch, over ten feet off the floor. Its dripping shoulders nearly touched both sides of the opening as it leaned into the library, grunting with the effort. It seemed to have one main head in the center of its chest, and as it swung in Cain’s direction, those eyes fixed on his face.

The creature paused as if studying him. Then it opened its

primary mouth and roared, the stench of its breath washing over Cain as the mouths of the other heads screeched in unison.

The candle flickered and nearly went out. Fresh panic rose up in Cain as the creature took a lumbering step toward him and threatened to knock over the table and send them into darkness. He slipped away from his hiding place and went for the door, but the monster moved with him and reached out a long clubbed limb as if to smash him into the floor.

Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise - Witch Doctor
Today starts the first day of the Witch Doctor on the Diablo III promotional site. You will have until Tuesday to unlock the Witch Doctor sigil for your own. With this, also comes to release of the short story for the Witch Doctor, make sure to check it out!

Jay Wilson Q&A
Jay Wilson was in Korea today taking care of some press events and interviews! Up first we have a quick translation/summary of the Q&A that can be found over at inven.co.kr. (Please keep in mind these are translated)

DiabloFans Quote:

How was the players feedback on the Open Beta?
Overall pretty positive but it was more of a hardware stress test.

Any feedback from the Korean players?
Yes but we had too many to pick out one and tell you. Lots of feedback about the difficulties and spell effects.

Any surprising elements that would blow people’s minds?
Don’t assume there should be a tragic / surprising element in the story.

Many people have said the delay of the release was not because of asia, what did you mean by that?
There was a rumor in the west about game rating problems in Korea was causing the Diablo release to be delayed but I just simply said that wasn’t the case.

There was an option to limit the framerates in the game, what’s the reason for that? Was it because of Starcraft 2 causing performance issues?
I am not really fitted to tell you the answer, our programmer Jay Patel will be able to answer that.

Is the Arena you are developing a lot different from the one we saw at Blizzcon 2011? What about just regular field PvP and other PvP methods?
There are changes to the Arena compared to the blizzcon version but it won’t be too different. We excluded PVP simply because it was not ready and we are also preparing many other things. However it is hard to reveal that in such an early stage of development.
Developers don’t want Diablo 3 to be PvP centered game, what they believe is the game is more PvE co-op heavy.

Many players are wondering about how you will fight things like Maphacks as they were already developed through the beta.
These things will be less useful than it was in Diablo 2 than Diablo 3 as it will only show things like Dungeon Entrances and not where all the monsters are on your map. We are also working to prevent these kinds of hacking tools.

Any support for apps for the community?
It is a good idea but currently nothing official.

Many people say the new rune system is over simplified compared to the stat and skill distributing they had in Diablo 2.
We put more focus in variety instead of freedom of making whatever character you want. Diablo 2 had freedom of builds because there were so many skills to choose from but it had a select few definitive builds that worked really well. However in Diablo 3 there are fewer skills but have many options to customize them. Each class has about 20 ~ 25 skills and each skill have 5 runes to choose from and that leads to infinite amounts of builds.

Are you going to add public channels or clan/guild support or will it be just like a messenger type like Starcraft 2?
There are currently no plans to make any kind of guild system and our goal is to make a Blizzard experience in to one whole experience so you will be able to chat with your friends playing WoW, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

The release date is so close the players don’t think you’ll have time to implement the feedbacks you get from the Korean players(April 25th Korean Diablo 3 OBT).
The goal of tomorrow’s beta is this, one is hardware test for the Korean servers and two is to just show it off. We’ve already received enough feedback from players during the G-star and many players e-mailing Blizzard Korea.

Many players are discussing about the Inferno Difficulty since Diablo 2’s Hell just had reduced resistances and that was it. Will there be any type of special feature just for the inferno mode? Also can you solo it?
It will be a lot different from Hell mode in Diablo 2, such as a monster creating a wall to stop the player from fleeing from the monster or blocking off ranged attacks with the use of the wall. The AI will move significantly different also you will be able to solo it even though the difficulty will be a bit easier with co-op it is not a must.

What’s the expected gameplay time for Diablo 3 from normal to inferno?
Just like MMORPGs it is hard to give a time that will be spent playing this but most testers we had took a few weeks to complete them.

Can you play without internet access?
That is not possible as Diablo 3 will be online

The game release and test overlaps with the game Blade & Soul (NCSoft & Team Bloodlust), have you played the game before?
I played the game twice and it was a fantastic game, I really hope the English version gets released soon. I am a bit sad that the test starts tomorrow but I have to go back to America tonight so I won’t be able to play it. I think Korean players are lucky that they will be able to enjoy two fantastic games at the same time.

You said the Korean market is very important, do you have anything more to say before the release of Diablo 3 in Korea?
We hope May 15th would come sooner. We’ve developed for this for 6 and a half years and we hope the players will get in there and really enjoy the game. We’ve already released some info on the game but there are still plenty of content that wasn’t revealed so we hope you have a wonderful experience.

Jay Wilson at Playerscut.com
Playerscut.com has another great yes or no interview, this time with Jay Wilson. Make sure to check out some of their other fun activities with Jay which can be found here and here!

Zarhym on PvP
[blizzquote author='Blizzard' blue='http://www.diablofans.com/blizz-tracker/topic/221472-pvp-in-d3/' battle='http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4662897696?page=2#30']We want PvP to be incredibly challenging and fun, but we want to avoid turning it into a truly competitive leagues/ladders eSport. We just don't think Diablo gameplay is very conducive for that type of controlled environment where balance is paramount.

That said, we want to develop PvP as an engaging and rewarding system. What we don't want to do is take a traditional eSports approach to PvP, where balance will become so important to a competitive ranking system that solo and cooperative gameplay feel a bit neutered as a result.

We want your characters to feel totally imba. Then we want you to enter some Arenas, send the scorched remains of other players' corpses flying, and let the satisfaction wash over you -- until your opponents take similar care of your hero, that is. ;)

Blue Posts
[Blizzquote author='Blizzard']Estimated Lvl at the end of each difficulty
In my actual experience (admittedly, with a full build that reflects where the game was in difficulty a month ago), I had to push my demon hunter up to level 32 to get out of Normal, and up to 55 to get out of Nightmare. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

If one of my friends has +50% magic find and deals the final blow to a boss, will I get 50% more items?
Also final blows, damage done, etc. don't effect drops, just if you were in-range when the kill happens. (Source)

They say Inferno is soloable. What about soloable in a full game?
No. Well unless something is broken. You have to stick together to survive. (Source)

wait, so you can't play solo on inferno mode? 4-man only?
What? No, you can play it alone. If you're in a multiplayer game though if you run off by yourself you will die.(Source)

What happens to our exclusive Banner Sigils if we change our Bnet email? Had to change mine to a safer one recently.
I'll find out, but during the two week grace period before launch I'd recommend just doing them all again with your new addy. (Source)


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