Patch 14 Looking Good and Undocumented Changes

Patch 14 - Looking good for release
Jay Wilson posted on twitter saying it looks like the spells we have now, are going to be what we have at retail. But as always there can easily be more balance changes as they find needed.

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what is currently in the beta is what we intend for ship, but we're still tuning and things can change.

Undocumented Changes
As always there are loads of undocumented changes in the patch.
Luckly we have Apoc to help round them up! If you see any in the game not listed, give a post so we can add it to the over growing list! (List will be updated throughout the day)

DiabloFans Quote:

Game UI
  • "Equipped" label now appears above equipped item during tooltip comparison
  • The Spell UI has had a slight update (See Below)
  • New tabs for Account and Social Options have been added (See Below)
  • Chat Channels had a very small UI update better showing who's in the channel (picture)
  • The Resplendent Chest makes a return to the Defiled Crypts (picture)
  • There is a new lootable container in Cemetery of the Forsaken: Gravedigger's Bones
  • New "A History of New Tristrom" book has been added, but does not do anything (picture)
  • The waypoint in the royal crypts has been moved to the start
  • The chest that always spawned before Adria's hut can now spawn as some other container
Gear / Items
  • Many affixes have new level requirements (rendering them unusable since last patch)
  • Town Portal casting now has new sound
Character and Quest
  • Gold rewarded from bonus quests scaled up (eg: +50g from first quest bonus to +175g)
  • Changing skills in town no longer induces a cooldown
  • Character control is disabled now during the logout or exit game countdown
  • Characters now play a new sound when you select them
  • Automated emotes (eg: "Healed") show as chat bubbles
  • Ghastly Gravedigger and Ghostly Murderer monster type changed to "Undead" (was "Human")

Small Spell UI Changes
Some of the buttons and design of the spell UI got an update in patch 14. One of the biggest is seen in the third picture where in elective mode, you can now drag and drop your spells. (It should be noted that it is a known bug that you can not move them from the Skill UI to the Spell bar)

Nightmarish Champion/Rare Packs
With patch 14 came the new Nightmarish mob pack. These guys will fear your character for a few seconds on hit!

Account and Social Options
Two new tabs have been added in Patch 14. It looks like the Social tab will allow you to edit the "Friends Achievement Toasts"


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