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A Day in the Life of a Web Content Manager

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His bicycle tires don't run flat; they explode. When news breaks, he fixes it. His collection of vintage Blizzard memorabilia could fill a garage... and it does. They made a Diablo creature in his honor, but it was deemed too frightening to include in the game. The people of Orgrimmar love him, even though he plays Alliance. He is the most interesting web content manager in the world. He doesn't always like to be in the spotlight, but when he does, Geoff prefers to be featured in a Day in the Life article.

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RMAH and Region Availability

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I'm assuming you're not purposefully misquoting him to try to make your post factual. Let me go ahead and transcribe what he actually says in the video you linked:

"You're just buying Diablo III. You can play it anywhere in the world. So you guys get to choose. Now what we will do is we will lock you down to a specific auction house. So for instance if you're a European national you'll have access to the European auction house, but you'll still be able to play in North America. You can participate in the gold auction house anywhere in the world, right, but you can only participate in the real money auction house in your native country."

Which sort of makes the rest of your post baseless in its conclusions. But that's ok! I appreciate everyone trying to unravel the secrets, and it's fun for me to read, so keep at it. :)

Linking multiple region's economies?
Characters are still region based. Just like Diablo II. You could log in to USWest, or USEast, or Europe, or Asia, but you had different characters on each. There's no possibility of trading between regions.

I'm sort of taken aback now... How are so many people directly misquoting or misinterpreting things while simultaneously linking to the exact source that proves what they're saying is inaccurate?

What I said was:
We've spent a very long time working with our legal departments around the globe researching regional laws and regulations, if not obtaining government approvals. We announced the feature because we know it to be sound from a legal perspective. If any local or country-specific laws do become an issue we'll of course be sure to let people in those regions know.

All of that is true, and continues to be true to this day.

Can we play with friends on different regions?
You can, but you'd need to log in to the EU region and create a character to begin playing with him, or he'd need to make one in your region. If you're on your character in SEA and he's on his in EU you'd be able to talk to each other using your BattleTag or Real ID, but that's it. You have to be on the same region to play together.

Is the GAH global?
The gold auction house is not global. You can use each region's gold auction house, but they're all separate, as the characters in each region are separate.

You can only use the currency-based auction house of your home region.

Would we be able to switch to a Euro AH when we provide proof that we "moved" to Europe.
That all sounds right to me. I'm not sure of a process to actually flag your account for another region though, even with proof. It's possible that could happen but I'm not aware of any intent to support that.

Switching of regions?
No plans at this time. I would count it among 'pretty unlikely' due to the real currency ramifications.

Charging a percentage or a flat fee for currency transactions?
You're only charged a percentage if you cash out through PayPal.

Making a character in any regional server you choose?
We haven't announced anything along those lines because as far as I know it's not nailed down. We do pursue different business models and prices in different regions, and so we'd want to ensure that those offerings are for who they're intended. I just don't have specifics for you, but it's something we'll need to announce before ship.

How does one get assigned a home region?
That's not something we're ready to discuss, and obviously we'll need to choose the information we do give carefully. Circumventing this wouldn't just be a 'fun trick on Blizzard' it would very possibly be a violation of serious trade laws, so we have to take it seriously.

Access to other region's RMAH
Each region is compartmentalized. Character's on one region cannot play with characters on another region. Similarly, each region has its own gold and currency-based auction houses. Only characters on a region can use that region's auction houses (and of course a restriction from the currency-based if it's not your home region). (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Diablo Gaming Peripherals Now Available

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Arm yourself against the forces of the Burning Hells (and look bad ass while doing it) with the new line of Diablo III gaming gear by SteelSeries.

The Diablo III Mouse
Designed to withstand the relentless pace of in game combat, the Diablo III Mouse is an ideal weapon for mowing down hordes of hapless demons. Featuring an ambidextrous grip, programmable buttons, and a molten “demon red” glow, this peripheral puts the power and versatility of the Nephalem right into the palm of your hand. And with a guaranteed lifespan of 10 million clicks, it’ll be sure to keep you hacking and slashing long into the night

The Diablo III Headset
Hear the meaty thunk of your axe as it sinks into demon flesh, the sizzle of your spells as they reduce all nearby foes to ash, and the enraged howls of beasts that lurk beyond New Tristram’s gates like never before. With leather-padded cushions to reduce external noise, an optimized soundscape, and a retractable mic to help you coordinate attacks with your allies, the Diablo III headset delivers an audio experience that will put you right into the thick of battle.

Level up your peripherals today at Amazon and SteelSeries.com. For more information, please visit www.steelseries.com/diablo3 (Source)


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