Diablo 2 Patch 1.13d

That's right! In conjunction with the very recent ladder reset, Blizzard has released a minor D2 patch fixing quite a few bugs and even implemented some new methods to combat spambots!

Official Blizzard Quote:

Patch 1.13d - 10/27/2011

New Features

  • Ignoring players is now saved between sessions of the game. All ignores are now written out to disk (file: 'ignorelist'). This feature can be toggled by issuing the command '/ignorepersist'.
  • Users can now filter messages based on content by issuing the command '/filtermsg '. To unfilter content issue the command '/unfiltermsg '. (The maximum length of a filter pattern is 128 characters)
  • Users can now set their home channel by issuing a new Battle.net chat command '/home ' while in the Battle.net chat interface.
  • Users can return to their home channel at any time by issuing the command '/home' while in the Battle.net chat interface.
Major Bugs

  • Fixed a known dupe method.
  • Fixed another issue where players were able to stack auras in an unintended way.
Minor Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where Mercenaries wouldn't have multiple auras active when they should have.
  • Fixed an issue where players could create games prefixed with color codes.
  • Potentially fixed an issue where players would be disconnected when watching the cinematics when in a Battle.net game.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when running in windowed mode with sound disabled and the game tried to play a cinematic.


  • #1 Ardikus
    Thought this was a D3 patch and got excited :(
  • #2 akse
    Nice.. filters and ignorelist!
  • #3 dnavarre
    Guess what they didn't do? Windows 7 support! I have to use that special video mode...Flight?
  • #4 alexl53
    Quote from dnavarre

    Guess what they didn't do? Windows 7 support! I have to use that special video mode...Flight?

    I run D2 in Windows 7... O_O
  • #5 Magistrate
    These updates make Seth very, very happy. Features we've been asking for for years.
  • #6 Sabvre
    Alexl53... the noob just doesn't know to "Run As Admin" in order to be able to connect to bnet.
  • #7 Verity
    Aw, I thought it was the beta patch. Ah well I was looking forward to this patch as well although I'm busy with D3 nowadays :P. They kinda hinted at it when they announced the reset.

    Die spambots!
  • #8 pmpch
    This is mainly to fight spam bots I assume.
  • #9 prestor
    lol totally thought this was D3 and was like, "WTF they can already dupe in D3?!"
  • #10 Junotekh
    i thhought it was D3 and was like: didn't they say there was a big patch coming up? this is BIG -_-!?
  • #11 viferno
    The whole

    "Major Bugs

    Fixed a known dupe method."

    Is not encouraging to me now that the next game is "soon." I know diablo 3 will be nothing alike system wise, but people find a way :(.
  • #12 traderjoes
    It might seem like this patch is nothing much, but these changes are actually quite significant if you've been playing Diablo 2 over the years.

    I'm surprised it actually took Blizzard this long to implement these.
  • #13 Jamoose
    The only thing this patch means to me is the addition of my barb and sorc to my NL characters.
  • #14 CGnome
    im pretty sure duping will be impossible in d3 just like in wow
    ever seen any dupes in wow?

    i guess items 'll just get a unique id or something
  • #15 TheAdziK

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Patch 1.13d - 10/27/2011

    Fixed a known dupe method.

    I've seen pala flying enigma 2 days after restart.
  • #16 Jamoose
    Its easy to get a lvl 85 fire / cold sorc and run your bot 24/7 on hell meph / andy etc... In a day or two you will have enough stuff to start your own hammerdin... Enigma is hard to get but this dude probably has riches in d2jsp so yeah.
  • #17 Asynchronic
    Has anyone come up with any good /filtermsg commands that will block all the bots?
  • #18 siribows
    Its impressive that they still patch this old wonderful game :)
  • #19 Grimbear13
    Quote from dnavarre

    Guess what they didn't do? Windows 7 support! I have to use that special video mode...Flight?

    Just like alex523 said I have no problem running D2 in Win7
  • #20 CherubDown
    I was testing these new features out last night and noticed something they didn't mention:

    The "ignorelist" file includes both strings for ignoring players as well as message filters. If the entry begins with a bang (!), then it's a message filter; if it's a plain ol'string, it interprets an ignored player. For example:


    !.com is filtering out that message.
    blood_barb is ignoring that player.

    They won't answer my question about whether or not we can use regexs instead of copy-pasting all the time. I'll have to test that out later (although testing it out would be difficult without a friend to help).
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